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Virgin Media broadband glitch hits London and south-east

Tuesday, October 18th 2011 by Paul France
Virgin Media suffers south-east broadband service glitch

Some Virgin Media subscribers have been unable to open large websites such as the Guardian and Wikipedia.

Virgin Media broadband customers in parts of London and south-east England are struggling to access big websites such as Wikipedia due to a service glitch.

The problems, which also prevented subscribers visiting the Guardian and Yahoo! websites, first struck on Sunday morning (October 16th 2011) and are still ongoing, reports the Register.

Issues are expected to affect some customers until this morning, according to an error message on Virgin Media's service webpage.

The outages were acknowledged by the cable company via its official website and customer service centres, but staff at Virgin Media's headquarters insisted they were not aware of the problem.

A spokeswoman explained the web status and phone line messages are tailored to individual streets and postcodes, meaning the issue is confined to a small number of subscribers.

"All of this could be specific individual postcodes or specific to individual customers," she explained.

This service failure comes just days after Virgin Media blamed a Scottish broadband outage affecting customers in Glenrothes, Kirkcaldy and Leven on hungry rats.

According to the internet service provider, the rodents gnawed through underground cables, leaving subscribers without broadband, home phone and cable TV access for much of last Monday and Tuesday.

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