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Virgin Media Business makes pledge on World IPv6 Day

Wednesday, June 8th 2011 by Paul France
Virgin Media Business makes IPv6 pledge

The company's boss claimed it is ready for a full transition to IPv6 in late 2012.

Virgin Media Business has revealed it will be able to support a full switch to the new version of internet protocol (IP) by the end of next year.

Mark Heraghty, the cable company's managing director, insisted all of its customers can move to IPv6 in late 2012, adding he is "pleased" with its trials of the new address format.

His comments come on World IPv6 Day (June 8th 2011), when some of the world's most important web companies - including Facebook and Google - are trialling the new system over a 24-hour period.

Vint Cerf, chief internet evangelist at Google, described the move to IPv6 as one of the most important steps that the industry will take to protect the web in its current form.

Despite the significance of the event, Mr Heraghty has played down fears regarding the potential impact of the transition.

"There's no need for concern," the Virgin Media Business executive remarked.

"We've been expecting this for a long time and have taken the necessary precautions to ensure a smooth switchover."

He went on to state the swap from IPv4 to IPv6 will be "smooth" for all of its customers. 

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