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Virgin Media cable broadband availability 'at 100% in 39 postcodes'

Tuesday, August 11th 2009 by Cable.co.uk

New data from broadband comparison website Cable.co.uk has highlighted the availability of Virgin Media cable broadband across the UK.

New data from broadband comparison website Cable.co.uk has highlighted the availability of Virgin Media across the UK.

Recent research showed that web users think that fibre optic networks are the key to rolling out superfast broadband across the UK, with over half of those questioned by ISPreview.co.uk saying that such technology is the best way to do so.

So it is little wonder that Virgin Media's superfast fibre optic cable broadband is proving popular across the nation, helping to encourage over 5,000 new customers to sign up for its various broadband services during the second quarter of 2009, and taking its total subscriber numbers up to 3.74 million.

Data from broadband comparison website Cable.co.uk, taken from over 50,000 queries it has received regarding Virgin Media's services, highlights that some 531 postcodes were found to have availability of 50 per cent or more.

Availability of the service was found to be 100 per cent in 39 postcodes across the nation, while a further 60 had 90 per cent plus availability and 199 areas had 80 per cent or more.

Where was availability best?

On a regional basis, Sussex was found to have the best availability of Virgin Media cable broadband, with 92 per cent of people inquiring about the service being able to sign up if they wished, followed by Hampshire, where 74 per cent of the 380 people who asked about the services would have been able to access them.

The West Midlands, Cleveland and Hertfordshire completed the top five, with 72 per cent, 69 per cent and 67 per cent availability respectively. When individual postcodes were taken into consideration many areas of Birmingham came out on top, with all of the residents of B14, B28, B73, B26, B70, B38, B34, B10 and B7 who were interested in the service being able to access it.

What's the alternative?

Despite these positive results from many areas, a number of regions of the UK are still unable to access Virgin Media's fibre optic cable broadband. However these households are able to access the internet service provider's ADSL National Broadband Packages which are delivered via phone lines and still offer speeds of up to 20Mb.

The company has recently revamped these national packages and consumers can get their hands on the deals from just £5 a month for the first three months and £10 a month for the remainder of the contract.

Why do we need your postcode?

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This ensures you receive accurate information on the availability of providers and packages in your area.

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