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Virgin Media issues new Project Canvas warning

Wednesday, August 25th 2010 by Cable.co.uk

Broadcaster Virgin Media issued a warning following Channel Five's return to the Project Canvas fold.

Virgin Media has restated its belief that the proposed Project Canvas joint venture is harmful to competition in the TV sector.

The home phone, broadband and cable TV provider felt the need to speak out about the connected-TV initiative in the wake of Channel Five's announcement that it has rejoined the scheme.

With Channel Five back on board, Project Canvas - which is hoping to launch its first consumer product in 2011 - now has the support of another big-name media company, alongside the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, BT, TalkTalk and Arqiva.

Speaking to industry news site TechRadar, a spokesperson for Virgin Media said the return of Five means the internet-connected TV platform now represents "an even greater concentration of all TV viewing".

"This reinforces the pressing need for a thorough and independent examination of this closed, anti-competitive platform," the source added.

In the past, the likes of Sky and Sony have also spoken out in criticism of Project Canvas.

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