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Virgin Media warns 800,000 customers to change their router password

Monday, June 26th 2017 by Phil Wilkinson-Jones

Virgin Media is advising customers with a Super Hub 2 router to change their password as they are at risk of being hacked.

The issue affects around 800,000 people and Virgin is also in the process of upgrading customers to the more secure Super Hub 3.

An investigation by Which? found that hackers can gain access to the router “in just a few days”.

The consumer group tested a number of connected devices by asking cybersecurity experts SureCloud to hack them.

Which? said Virgin Media broadband was already installed in the home it used for testing and there could be similar security issues with other providers and their routers.

Alex Neill, the group’s managing director of home products and services, said: “There are a number of steps people can take to better protect their home, but hackers are growing increasingly more sophisticated.

“Manufacturers need to ensure that any smart product sold is secure by design.”

A Virgin Media spokesperson said: “The security of our network and of our customers is of paramount importance to us. We continually upgrade our systems and equipment to ensure that we meet all current industry standards.

“To the extent that technology allows this to be done, we regularly support our customers through advice and updates.”

The research by Which? saw researchers hack into – and control – a wireless CCTV camera, and hack into a child’s toy that allows friends and family to send messages to a child via Bluetooth.

From outside the house, they were also able to order items using an Amazon Echo just by shouting through the window and compromised a smart coffee machine by overloading it with boiling water.

SureCloud said that once they had the wi-fi password, they were able to increase the number of attacks on the home’s devices until eventually use a smart toy to listen to all conversations within the home and speak through the toy directly.

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