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Virgin Mobile deal offers free Apple Airpods with the iPhone 8

Wednesday, February 28th 2018 by Mike Whitehead

For just £29 a month you can receive an iPhone 8 including free Airpods. Let the music play!

We’ve come to expect the smart folk from Cupertino to be at the forefront of new personal technology, whether for mobiles, tablets or PCs. This also includes any of the myriad accessories associated with them. That’s why it was no surprise to see Apple launch their version of the bluetooth earphones in September 2016. They weren’t the first nor were they the cheapest but Apple don’t necessarily need to be.

Most reviews of the Airpods have tended to be quite favourable. First things first, aesthetics are something Apple always excels at and the Airpods are no exception, they look pretty cool. They also have a great battery life and terrific sound quality. Apple has included some neat software by incorporating its own custom design chip – the W1 – to assist with battery usage and bluetooth connectivity.

For those of you familiar with Apple products they offer premium products with a price to match. You would expect to pay £159 for a set in an Apple Store, which can be quite prohibitive for those of us on a budget.

For anyone currently looking to upgrade their phone you could also grab yourself some Airpods as part of the deal. Virgin Media are currently offering a range of iPhone 8 4G handsets available on monthly contracts with free Airpods included.

It's cheap, too!

Prices start from £29 a month over a 36 month contract for the 64GB version, available in space grey, gold and silver with no upfront costs. This includes 1000 call minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of data. If you’re data needs are a little more extensive, for an extra £3 a month you can get 3GB of data. If you’re extra data needy, for £38 a month you can get unlimited calls and texts with 40GB of data.

If you’re looking for a bigger storage option for the same handset the 256 GB version is available for £36 a month and, again, no upfront costs. This also includes the same minutes, texts and data. Again for an extra £3 a month you can increase your data to 3GB or for a special price of £45 a month (currently reduced from £55) you can get unlimited calls and texts with 40GB of data.

If you’d prefer a shorter term, both storage options are available over 24 months also. Over this term the 64GB version would be £40.50 a month and the 256GB version would be £51 a month.

This deal is also available as part of Virgin Media’s ‘Truly Unlimited’ plan recently launched and exclusively available for existing TV and broadband customers. Offering unlimited calls, texts and data. For the 8GB version this plan is £48 a month over 36 months or £59.50 for 24 months. For the 256GB version it would be £55 a month over 36 months or £70 for 24 months.

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