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Virgin Media broadband speeds to reach 350Mbps in latest upgrade

Friday, February 16th 2018 by Steve McCaskill

Virgin Media will offer its broadband customers speeds of up to 350Mbps from the spring as its network investment programme continues.

The company has spent billions on upgrading its cable network, making the current maximum speed of 300Mbps possible. Indeed, thanks to a number of speed upgrades for customers, more than two thirds are getting speeds of 100Mbps or faster.

And the good news is that Virgin is making its fastest speeds available to more homes in the UK. At present, Virgin Media is available to more than 15 million homes, but the aim is to increase that to 17 million by the end of 2019.

It connected 536,000 properties during 2017, bringing the total number to 1.1 million since the project began.

Virgin Media is the country’s largest cable provider, offering broadband, television and landline services, as well as mobile contracts.

And there’s never been a better time to join, with several deals available if you take out a 12-month contract.

300Mbps broadband for £44 a month

Its top package is the ‘VIVID 300 Fibre Broadband’ deal, which offers up to 300Mbps broadband and free weekend calls for £44 a month before an increase to £50 once the contract has expired.

If you don’t need quite that much bandwidth, then Virgin Media offers 200Mbps and free weekend calls for £39 a month (It’s £50 after 12 months) and the still quite quick VIVID 100 package includes up to 100Mbps broadband and free weekend calls for £34 a month.

The entry level deal is the VIVID 50 with up to 50Mbps speeds and free weekend calls for £29.

All of the packages are subject to a £20 set up cost and Virgin Media will supply you with its latest router, the Hub 3.0, which promises faster speeds, stronger signal and enhanced security. This means your wi-fi network can make the most of the high bandwidth connection coming into your home.

If you want some TV in your home, then Virgin has several bundles available.

The ‘Player’ bundle is an upgrade on Freeview, delivering all the main free-to-air channels and catch-up TV services over the new Virgin V6 box. It costs £33 a month for 12 months, before rising to £34 in 12 months' time and also includes 50Mbps broadband.

The ‘Mix’ bundle offers everything included with ‘Player’ as well as 100Mbps broadband and more channels, such as Sky 1, MTV and Sky Sports News. It will set you back £45 a month before rising to £55 in a year.

And if you want a mobile contract, Virgin Media can do that too, and it has a great SIM-only deal during February.

Normally, the operator charges £24 a month for 20GB of data but for a limited time only, customers can get an astonishing 100GB of data for £20 a month. Indeed, the sale ends on 21 February and there is a minimum term of 12 months.

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