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Vodafone best mobile network at The O2 Arena during Olly Murs gig

Thursday, June 11th 2015 by Ellen Branagh

Vodafone has been named the top-performing mobile network at The O2 Arena, beating the venue's sponsor.

Mobile analytics company RootMetrics analysed the mobile internet performance at the London venue during a sell-out Olly Murs concert attended by 20,000 people last month.

Vodafone was ranked the top-performing network for mobile internet performance, but also scored highest on RootMetrics’ Mobile Internet Reliability Index and Mobile Internet Speed Index.

O2 was the second-best performer for mobile internet performance, while EE and Three came third and fourth respectively.

RootMetrics, which analyses mobile network performance, distils results from scientific, independent, and consumer-focused tests into ‘RootScores’ to allow people to compare networks at a glance.

The higher the RootScore, the better the mobile internet reliability and speed.

RootMetrics tested at The O2 Arena on 3 May, when around 20,000 attended one of Olly Murs’ four sell-out shows at the venue.

Vodafone got a RootScore of 85.4, followed by O2 with 77.3, EE with 56 and Three with 30.7.

'Check-in on social media'

In an assessment of reliability, which involved testing data transfers, email and web/app performance, Vodafone also came top, followed by O2.

EE and Three came third and fourth respectively, showing some difficulties connecting to the network and completing tasks during mobile internet reliability testing, RootMetrics said.

For tests of speed, the analytics company said at Three’s median upload speed of 0.5Mbps, uploading a video of Olly Murs from the event would probably take more than two minutes.

This compared to 45 seconds for Vodafone’s average upload speed, and about a minute for EE and O2 customers.

All networks’ speeds at The O2 Arena were slower than those recorded during RootMetrics’ testing of the wider London area in April, the company said.

Bill Moore, CEO and president of RootMetrics, said: “At one of the UK’s largest entertainment venues, visitors will be looking for good mobile connectivity to find friends, upload content, and check-in on social media.

“Our testing at The O2 Arena shows that during a sell-out concert, Vodafone coped with mobile internet demands the best.”

'Trouble spots'

He said the slower speeds recorded compared to tests of the wider London area in April were not entirely unexpected, because venues present particular challenges for networks.

“Potential trouble spots include congestion, with high demands placed on a network within a relatively small space, as well as dense construction materials that can make it difficult for radio signals to penetrate,” he added.

“Location and different mobile behaviour shouldn’t be overlooked either. This unbiased information will help to give music-lovers and other attendees a better idea of the mobile performance they should expect while at The O2 Arena.”

EE previously emerged top of the table for mobile internet performance at London’s Emirates Stadium, the home of Arsenal football club.

Tests by RootMetrics during a sell-out match on 4 April, when more than 60,000 fans packed the stadium to watch Arsenal beat Liverpool in the Barclays Premier League, found EE was the fastest and most reliable network.

Vodafone came second, while O2 and Three tied for third, according to the RootMetrics report.

EE was also previously named by RootMetrics as the best performing network for mobile internet at three of the busiest airports in the country.

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