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Vodafone offering 'cheapest ever' fibre broadband with choice of gifts or cashback

Thursday, August 10th 2017 by Dan Howdle

In a blatant play for an influx of new customers, relative broadband newcomer Vodafone is offering some of the cheapest fibre we've ever seen, along with free gifts and a switching incentive for folks who are still tied to their existing contracts.

Vodafone is offering 38Mb fibre broadband for £25 per month, or 76Mb fibre for £30 per month. In addition, you can choose your free gift from a Sonos speaker worth £199, Fitbit Charge 2, Sennheiser headphones, Tom Tom camera or £75 prepaid card.

38Mb is more than enough for most households, though if yours is particularly busy and/or contains one or more download hogs, you may wish to consider opting for the 76Mb instead.

If you are currently mid-way through your existing contract, Vodafone is also offering to offset your exit fees by up to £100 if you choose to switch to them.

While there are fibre deals that, price-wise at least, are comparable to the one offered here by Vodafone, no others offer all of these things put together.

For example, BT currently has a deal on for its 52Mb entry-level Infinity fibre at £29.99 per month with an £80 BT Reward Card. However, at £5 more expensive per month, a £59.99 set-up cost and no switch incentive it's not quite the same.

Likewise, Plusnet offers 38Mb fibre for £24.99 per month and no up-front costs, however, there is no free gift and again no switch incentive if you're mid-way through your existing contract.

But of course, Vodafone will want their pound of flesh here, and it gets it through contract length. While most broadband contracts are 12 months these days, this deal from Vodafone weighs in 50% heavier at 18 months.

While this is unusual, it would be fair to say an 18-month contract is more common on the deals with better terms in other areas, primarily value for money – the extra time needed to ensure Vodafone or whoever is offering it makes their money back.

You can find out more on the Vodafone website.

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