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Vodafone mobile deal offers 5GB for the price of 1GB on the Smart E8

Thursday, February 15th 2018 by Mike Whitehead

As consumers we’re all spending more and more time on our phones than ever before.

Apparently, on average, a person checks their phone 221 times each day – mainly to check our messages (and, by all accounts, the time). In this respect, our thirst for bigger and better data allowances continues to reach new heights and shows no signs of abating.

Vodafone, along with a number of its competitors, has recognised this key trend by launching a series of offers based mainly around data and its calling them Big Data Deals.

The package that really stands out is its pay-as-you-go, big value bundle for the Smart E8 handset available with 5GB of data for the price of 1GB or 10GB of date for the price of 6GB.

The £10 big value bundle traditionally comes with 1GB data, 200 minutes of calls and unlimited texts plus 150 points towards Vodafone’s rewards scheme. The £20 big value bundle usually comes with 6GB data, 1,000 minutes of calls and unlimited texts with 250 reward points. Until 28 February both these packages come with an extra 4GB of data.

If even 10GB won’t suffice, there is also a £30 bundle with 20GB of data and 3,000 minutes of calls plus +350 reward points. Each bundle package lasts for 30 days or until you’ve used up your data, minutes and text allowances.

Total Rollover

Your bundle package will renew automatically as long as you have some allowance left over and sufficient credit on account to cover the next 30-day allowance. If you’re close to using up your allowances, Vodafone will text you to let you know and inform you of the options available to renew. There is also a rollover feature called Total Rollover allowing you to roll over any unused allowances into the next 30-day period.

Any unused allowance must be used within the next 30 days and won’t be allowed to rollover two months in a row.

The big value bundle also allows worry-free roaming across 50, mainly European, destinations outside the UK. Vodafone’s reward points scheme allows you to build up points towards high street vouchers, a range of phone accessories or extra data.

The Vodafone Smart E8 is available for £45 on a pay-as-you-go contract when bought with any big value bundle or Pay as you go 1 top-up and comes with 8GB of storage, which should be plenty of room for all your apps and photos.

If you’re feeling a little less frugal the Samsung Galaxy J3 is available for £99 on the same bundle. Alternatively, if you’re on a tighter budget the Vodafone Smart mini 7 is available for £25, again on the same bundle package.

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