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Vodafone offers UK's cheapest fibre broadband deals as Black Friday approaches

Tuesday, November 14th 2017 by Oprah Flash

We’re in the calm before the Black Friday storm but Vodafone has started to shake things up by making its broadband packages the cheapest in the UK, just over a week ahead of time.

Recently we reported on Vodafone dropping the setup fees on its broadband packages. The provider has now gone on to sweeten the deal by knocking a fiver off the price.

This represents a £60 saving over the first year of the contract on both the 38Mbps and 76Mbps fibre broadband plans.

This year Black Friday officially kicks off on Friday 24 November and will be followed by Cyber Monday, but many retailers are offering discounts well before then.

If you sign up between now and Monday 27 November (Cyber Monday) you can get the Unlimited Fibre 38 plan from Vodafone with download speeds up to 38Mbps and unlimited usage for £20 a month. The price drop makes this the UK’s lowest price for fibre broadband.

The Unlimited Fibre 76 plan has been reduced to £25 a month and gives you connection speeds up to 76Mbps with unlimited usage. This is the same price as Vodafone’s own basic broadband package and makes it the UK’s lowest price for speeds up to 76Mbps.

There are no setup fees for either the Unlimited Fibre 38 or Unlimited Fibre 76 plans and the Ultra-smart Vodafone Connect router is included free of charge. As an added bonus the provider has included a free six-month subscription for F-Secure SAFE, an anti-virus software.

When signing up to either of the above packages you’ll enter a 18-month minimum term contract.

Can I make calls?

This is a great deal if you’re simply looking to connect to the internet and do not use the landline very often. The packages includes line rental so you can make calls but you will have to pay as you go.

When making a call you’ll pay 19p for the initial call connection charge then the rest of the cost depends on how long you stay on the line. Its 11.50p a minute for calls to a UK landline and 13p a minute for calls to mobiles.

To add inclusive evening and weekend calls to your broadband package it’s an extra £4 a month. For anytime inclusive calls to UK landlines and mobiles its £8 a month.

If you currently don't have an Openreach phone line you’ll have to pay an additional £60 cost to have one set up by Vodafone.

The big switcheroo

Looking around the market, it's fair to say this is a pretty good deal and is well worth looking into if you are near the end of your current contract.

If you’re thinking of switching, bear in mind Black Friday is not far away so expect other providers to be coming forward with their special offers. It might be a good idea to take note of the price and wait to see what other deals might suit your requirements.

Vodafone’s deal ends on Monday 27 November so you have just over two weeks to shop around.

When switching, Vodafone says it will contact your current provider for you unless you are with Virgin Media, which uses a different type of cabling system to provide a broadband service.

In this case Vodafone has drafted a letter template for you to use to ask Virgin Media to transfer your service.

Be sure to check the terms of your current contract before you decide to switch as you may incur an early termination penalty charge.

What else is on the market?

For fibre broadband there is no denying Vodafone’s new prices are pretty good but it’s still worth seeing what the other providers are currently offering.

Sky also dropped its prices recently. Sky Fibre Broadband is now £20 a month for download speeds up to 38Mbps.

Before being tempted to sign up to this deal be wary of the usage cap at 25GB and the £29.95 setup fee. Over the first year you’ll spend £269.95 compared to £240 for Vodafone's basic fibre package, but be warned that the figure for Sky does not include any additional costs you may incur for going over the usage.

The next cheapest fibre plan (by first year cost) is Origin’s Unlimited Fibre Broadband at £25.99 a month. This plan has unlimited usage and no upfront costs so over the first year you’ll spend £311.88.

Next in line is Plusnet’s Unlimited Fibre plan with connection speeds up to 38Mbps and unlimited usage for £24.99 a month. This plan does have a £15 set up fee, bringing the first year cost up to £314.88.

For speeds up to 76Mbps, Vodafone is a clear winner in terms of price. The next cheapest is Origin’s Unlimited Fibre Max Broadband plan at £29.99 a month.

TalkTalk’s Faster Fibre 76Mbps is just a penny more at £30 a month and also has unlimited usage with no setup fee.

These prices are correct at the time of writing but may be subject to change.

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