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Vodafone pulled plug on Ovivo over withheld payments, say sources

Tuesday, March 25th 2014 by Richard Murphy
Vodafone pulled plug on Ovivo over withheld payments, say sources

Ad-supported, SIM-only carrier Ovivo was reportedly shut down because of a three-way feud with Cognatel and Vodafone.

According to anonymous sources, Vodafone pulled the plug on ad-supported mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) Ovivo last week because it withheld payments.

The carrier, which handed out unlimited calls, 300 texts and 500MB of data per month in exchange for a £20 sign-up fee and regular online ads, closed abruptly on 19 March 2014, citing "reasons beyond our control".

Mobile News reports this was because of an ongoing dispute between Ovivo and Cognatel, a company that supplies software to MVNOs. Believing Cognatel had breached a three-way contract, Ovivo cancelled payments to use Vodafone's network.

The carrier later announced it was shutting down, effective immediately. "We'd like to thank each and every one of you for your support and friendship over the last two years," it told the 50,000 affected customers, some of whom had only signed up the same day.

Ovivo and Cognatel were unavailable for comment when contacted by Mobile News, while Vodafone declined to make a statement. Ovivo's Twitter and Facebook accounts have also been deactivated.

The carrier did, however, provide a PAC request form so customers could continue using their mobile phone numbers.

Comments (31)

7th May 2014

i've now finally received payments back from natwest visa and my numbers eventually ported across to asda after few mistakes by asda, so anybody who paid by visa can get their money back from their banks visa chargeback facility, but you do have to persist with them.

G Brady
6th May 2014

I bought two Ovivo sims and they closed down the day after I activated them. I got my money back from American express though so I'm not too disappointed.

6th April 2014

hi following my earlier post, I've just moved to asda another mvno (mobile virtual network operator) who also recently stopped using the vodafone network as their carrier, they are now as people know, using ee as their carrier, today i asked why they changed carrier and left vodafone and went to ee, they told me that vodafone breached their contract as they have just done with ovivo, so obviously vodafone do this as the norm, so to Pete and everyone who blame ovivo for the abrupt disconnection of everyone on ovivo network, look a bit closer to home, it is vodafone that is blatantly screwing everything up for everyone, i can't believe asda & / or ovivo haven't made a complaint to ofcom who i'm sure would be very interested. if anybody disbelieves these facts, just ring asda regarding vodafones breach of contract and the in the news regarding witheld software from cognatel to ovivo on behalf of vodafone, which ovivo needed to stamp out fraudsters, as explained in my previous post.

2nd April 2014

I was on Ovivo for about a year. Requested a PAC code the next day transferred my number to Three UK.

1st April 2014

Bottom line is that Ovivo didn't pay its bills and Vodafone pulled the plug.

Always suspected that Ovivo was "too good to be true"

31st March 2014

As a follow up from my previous posting and after reading other post i would like to confirm the following,- I am not slagging off Ovivo as they have been deposited on from a great height by the big boys. I would never again use Vodafone as nobody likes bullies. I have now gone to ASDA (EE) for better or worse, time will tell.

I totally agree that all previous OVIVO user should also BLACK LIST VODAFONE, This will not be hard as their offers are usually the worst (Most expensive) in the market.

29th March 2014

Been using Ovivo for about 18 months and a data sim with for about 12 months so certainly got my moneys worth even I still had about 20£ on them on im not bitter like most as most knew it couldn't last forever. Good bye Ovivo is was good while it lasted.

29th March 2014

I got my PAC code and i got a talkhome sim and as i saw in some website i called their customer service and i got a promo credit of £5 and reasonably their rates were cheaper ..Thank you talkhome sim.

29th March 2014

FOLLOWING THE PLUG BEING PULLED ON OVIVO BY VODAFONE The only thing now to get back at the alleged perpetrators responsible for the destruction of the fabulous ovivo network would be to boycott vodafone, by everyone leaving the vodafone network, i doubt that Ovivo's the first mobile virtual network operator (mvno), to suffer at the hands of vodafone.

29th March 2014

i've been with ovivo for almost 1 year, brilliant service and cheapest deal in the world, anyone with them for more than 2 months really have had their moneys worth, anyone who hasn't, that is unfortunate and i sympathise with you, I'd feel the same, however the facts suggest that cognatel, ovivo & vodafone were in a 3 way contract, it seems that cognatel acted as the middle man between vodafone & ovivo, cognatel withheld crucial software urgently needed in order to syphon out fraudsters abusing ovivo which was affecting the service to us all, so ovivo held payment back from vodafone in a bid to resolve the matter, as cognatel still refused ovivo the software and vodafone did little or nothing to help, they pulled the plug on ovivo, thus leaving us all in the dark, vodafone are good at doing this, plus no doubt vodafone & other networks were losing customers so it was in vodafone's best interest to pull the plug for the slightest reason, instead of trying to resolve the issue, so i can't see how ovivo really can be held responsible, seeing that it was vodafone that pulled the plug on everyone, as they do, ofcom ought to sort vodafone out due to the amount of customers affected and the circumstances, maybe if lots of people complained to ofcom, something would be done, i wouldn't trust vodafone for a second, they're very devious, had mass problems with them many times in the past, obviously if ovivo took no action to attempt to gain this software from cognatel, the fraudsters would have bankrupt ovivo in any case, so it was a win win for vodafone & a lose lose for ovivo. vodafone no doubt couldn't be happier. must admit this was a very sad day when this network was disabled by vodafone. if the other 2 parties in the 3 way contact had complied amicably as you do in business, we wouldn't be all talking about it, as ovivo would have still bee going from strength to strength.

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