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Vodafone to sell discounted mobile phones via new online store

Monday, April 13th 2015 by Phil Wilkinson-Jones

A new service from Vodafone is to offer nearly-new phones at discounted prices.

The operator allows customers buying a new phone to return it free-of-charge within 14 days.

Now it is to sell those barely-used handsets via its new e-store Vodafone Outlet.

“Naturally, we get quite a lot of devices returned to us by customers,” said Ben Carr, Vodafone’s e-commerce specialist.

“Often they’ve bought a phone, they’ve played around with it a bit and decided it’s not for them and they return it in their 14-day cooling off period.

“We’re allowed to sell any of those phones that come back in pristine condition, but because they’ve been slightly used, we sell them at a discount rather than brand new – even if they haven’t even been touched.”

The phones go through a series of checks and tests and those in good enough condition are repackaged before heading to Vodafone Outlet.

'Bits and bobs'

“And they come with all the additional bits and bobs too,” said Mr Carr, “headphones, booklets, cables – everything that came with the original devices are all included.”

End-of-line devices – those left in the warehouse after Vodafone has decided to stop selling a particular handset – will also be sold via Vodafone Outlet.

“We’re going to be able to bring these to the customer at a cheaper price as well,” said Mr Carr.

The new service operates through a website connected to Vodafone.co.uk and its deals are only available online.

Mr Carr added: “We’re live right now at vodafone.co.uk/outlet. We’re continually improving the site and making sure it’s the best it can be, but new deals are going up all the time.

“Because of the nature of how this works, the device range will change quite often. Some of the offers will be very limited, to the point where sometimes we’ll only have 40 or 50 devices.

“Just because something was there yesterday, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be there today.

“I guess the message is – if it’s there and it’s something you want, grab it now. But likewise, if there’s nothing on there that you’re interested in, check back tomorrow, because you don’t know what you might find and it might only be there for a few hours.”

Mr Carr’s advice to customers is to keep checking the site to make sure they don’t miss the best deals.

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