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Warwick firm hopes new broadband line will end years of 'terrible' service

Thursday, October 8th 2015 by Phil Wilkinson-Jones

A Warwick-based company that specialises in fuel level measurement has put an end to years of “terrible” internet access with a new broadband connection.

Fozmula, which designs and manufactures sensors and gauges for liquid, temperature and pressure measurement, was often left without an internet connection for days at a time.

The firm, based at Tachbrook Park in Warwick, has now switched supplier and taken out a dedicated leased line with independent broadband provider WarwickNet.

John Petersen, communications manager for Fozmula, said: “It was terrible because as an innovative manufacturing business, most of our communications tools are broadband and cloud-based so to function effectively, we had to take drastic action.

“This involved getting the WarwickNet service up and running alongside BT Broadband, with whom we still had a 12-month contract which we couldn’t get out of.”

Fozmula, founded in a garden shed in 1977, moved to its new base three years ago and employs more than 50 people.

The company, whose client base already includes global names such as Caterpillar, JCB and Perkins Engines, says its new broadband connection will allow it to increase its international sales presence.

“We rely on high speed connectivity to service our global customer base,” said Mr Peterson.

“Everything from our VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phones to research and development and video-conferencing depends upon a reliable internet connection and we now have that.

'Woefully served'

“WarwickNet has not let us down, whereas before our internet access would not work in the rain. We are in a different place now.”

Mark Hitchcock, senior business development manager for WarwickNet at Tachbrook Park, said: “Fozmula is an all-too-typical story of business parks that we all assume would have excellent connectivity but are in fact being woefully served.

“The reality is that they usually had intermittent connection that was reminiscent of the dial-up days.

“Their new dedicated leased line enables them to perform the tasks demanded of businesses competing in the 21st century.”

WarwickNet CEO Ben King previously told Cable.co.uk that an expansion would see the provider serving 200 business parks within the next three years.

He said the company, which specialises in connecting business parks and industrial estates, had an “interesting niche” but was in discussions with a number of local authorities and had “plenty to go at”.

Pictured are John Petersen, communications manager for Fozmula, and Mark Hitchcock of WarwickNet.

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