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The best Nokia 8 deals and what to expect from the Nokia 9

Monday, January 15th 2018 by Oprah Flash

The rumour mill is turning and if our sources are correct, we can expect to see the Nokia 9 make its debut on the smartphone market soon.

We don’t have a confirmed date but signs are pointing towards a release at the end of this week.

What are our predictions for the new phone? Well, it will replace the Nokia 8 as Nokia’s flagship phone, which was released in August last year, so we’re hoping for some impressive tech that will rival the other major players on the market right now.

So far, HMD Global (manufacturers of the Nokia brand of phones) is keeping its cards close to its chest about the design and spec of the new release, but we’ve heard chatter about a dual lens camera on the front of the phone for higher quality selfies and a fingerprint scanner on the rear.

It’s rumoured that there will be two models, one offering 64GB of internal storage and the other boasting 128GB. When the Nokia 8 was released, it initially had a RRP of £499 but this dropped to £399 within a few months so the new Nokia 9 could follow suit.

We don’t know when it will be on sale in the UK, but its little brother the Nokia 8 is available now.

The latest flagship handset from Nokia, has not quite had the impact that the manufacturer predicted it would and there are only a few mobile providers currently stocking the phone.

The Nokia 8 comes in Polished Blue, Polished Copper, Tempered Blue and Steel

The most notable feature about the Nokia 8 is its dual camera lens with ZEISS optics software that lets you take a ‘bothie’. Yeah, we cringed at that word as well but it basically means you can take a photo using both the 13MP rear and 13MP front camera at the same time.

With 64GB of internal storage, there’s plenty of room to store your photos and music. Running on Android Nougat 7.11 with 4GB RAM and a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor you can expect a phone that’s quick and easy to use. It has a 5.3” screen so is in line size-wise with other phones currently on sale.

Nokia 8 with free Apple Music and BT Sport on EE

EE offers a range of plans for the Nokia 8 and currently has a January sale offer running on one of its 4GEE Plans.

For £27.99 a month when you pay £9.99 upfront you’ll get 1GB of data with unlimited minutes and calls.

For a more data heavy plan, the 4GEE Max Plan with 8GB of data is a tenner more each month. You’ll have to pay £9.99 upfront, then £37.99 a month for 8GB of data, unlimited texts and calls. You’ll be entered into a two-year contract with all of EE’s pay-monthly phone deals.

As a bonus for choosing a Max plan, EE will allow you to use your tariff abroad in five countries including the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand.

If this is enough to entice you to buy the Nokia 8 through EE there are some freebies up for grabs. When you take out a pay-monthly contract with EE, you’ll get a six-month Apple Music subscription as well as three months' free access to the BT Sport app if you choose a 4GEE Plan and 24 months for 4GEE Max Plans.

The Nokia 8 for £17 a month on Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile is quite good at offering cheap deals for handsets as it offers the option to spread the cost over a three-year contract.

The cheapest deal you can get for the Nokia 8 is Virgin Mobile’s Freestyle plan for £17 a month over a 36-month contract. This will give you 1.2GB of data, 300 minutes and unlimited texts.

If you’re looking for more data there is the £24 a month plan, which gives you 12GB of data, 2,500 minutes and unlimited texts, also over a 36-month contract.

One of the extra perks you’ll get for choosing Virgin Media as your provider is a separate data allowance specifically for using Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter.

And any data you don’t use from your monthly tariff will be rolled over to the next month’s usage. If you continually struggle to use up all of your monthly data there is the option to switch down to a plan that better suits your requirements.

O2 and Vodafone tariffs available through Carphone Warehouse

O2 and Vodafone aren’t stocking the Nokia 8 themselves but you can get their deals through Carphone Warehouse.

For £26 a month and £39.99 upfront you can go home with a brand new Nokia 8 with 1GB of data, unlimited minutes and texts on a 24-month O2 contract.

If you’re willing to pay a bit extra each month, £35 a month with nothing to pay upfront will get you 10GB of data, unlimited minutes and texts.

Alternatively, through Carphone Warehouse, Vodafone is offering the Nokia 8 for £36 a month with nothing to pay upfront and in exchange for your money you’ll get 16GB of data with unlimited data and texts throughout the 24 month of your contract.

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