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Why I fell in and out of love with Suits on Netflix

Thursday, April 12th 2018 by Oprah Flash

Invitations for the Royal Wedding have gone out, did you get yours? Mine is on its way I’m sure it just got lost in the post somewhere.

In a whirlwind Meghan Markle has transformed from an actress, philanthropist and United Nations women's advocate to a princess set to marry Prince Harry.

While she is famous off of her own merit, since announcing the royal engagement she has been catapulted to the name on everyone’s lips and the face on every magazine cover.

She may be the focus of a TV movie that will be released in the US next month, but her original claim to fame is starring in Suits for more than seven years. The highly-anticipated second half of season seven can now be watched in the UK on Netflix.

The future of the series has been up in the air recently with many frustrated viewers taking to social media to question, is this the end?

Well, no it’s not, at least not for now. From that wise old well of information (Twitter) and the creative minds at USA Network, we know Meghan Markle and co-star Patrick J Adams - who plays Mike Ross - are leaving at the end of this season.

The finale has been extended to a two-hour special as we say goodbye to the pair.

However, although we are losing two main characters, USA Network and Universal Cable Productions, the producers of the show, have confirmed Suits has been renewed for season eight.

With Rachel Zane and Mike Ross gone there will be some pretty big holes to fill. Aaron Korsh, the creator and executive producer of Suits has said: “Keep an eye out for an adversarial new character that will give Harvey a run for his money.”

He must be talking about Katherine Heigl (Grey’s Anatomy, The Ugly Truth) who is set to join the cast. Some love her and some hate her so it will be interesting to her whether her presence changes the dynamic of the cast.

Chris McCumber, president of Entertainment Networks at NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment, said: “While we’re excited for Season 8, everyone at USA will deeply miss Patrick and Meghan, and are grateful for the talent and commitment they brought to SUITS season after season. We wish each of them nothing but the very best.”


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What’s all the hype about?

At the kick-off of season one we’re introduced to a high-flying, straight-talking, power suit-wearing Harvey Specter. While recruiting for a new associate at his Manhattan law firm, Pearson and Hardman, he comes across a scruffy, college drop-out with briefcase full of weed.

Perfect way to get a job right? It would appear so as that scruffy individual is Mike Ross. He impresses Harvey with his photographic memory and bold grit to clinch the job.

I’ll admit it’s been one of those series that I slept on for a while. I added to to my watchlist on Netflix many moons ago, but only got round to watching it when news of Meghan’s engagement to Prince Harry started clogging up my timeline. I wanted to see what the fuss was about so clicked play and never looked back, sort of.


Suits may not be everyone’s cup of tea but if you like law dramas, like How to Get Away with Murder or Scandal you’ll quickly fall in love with this one too.

The producers and writers have executed the development of each character beautifully. For the first few seasons we watch each character grow individually, as well as grow into a stronger unit so you end up feeling like you grow with them. You become part of the team. The biggest growth of all is Mike Ross’ character.

He goes from a small time criminal to realising his potential and awakening his strengths to do good and excel in his law career. The downside? He didn’t go to law school and this fact repeatedly comes back to bite him in the ass. It’s not just Mike that kept me hooked, I loved Donna’s sass, Harvey’s cunning, and Jessica’s strength and wisdom.

Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson, Rick Hoffman as Louis Litt, Meghan Markle as Rachel Zane, Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter and Patrick J. Adams as Mike Ross

Meghan Markle’s character, Rachel Zane, is the underdog we can all relate to. At some point in our lives we have all been in her position, in possession of great talent but lacking the self esteem and confidence to apply it in order to progress up the ladder. She’s a hot commodity in the law-firm as a paralegal and for five years she believes that’s all she’ll ever be. Slowly but surely we see her fight her demons and overcome fears to go to law school, pass the bar and become the lawyer she has always dreamed of being.

As well as being entertaining there are many lessons to take away from the show. The first, never give up. In the great words of Aaliyah, if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again. We see multiple characters trip and fall (not literally) throughout the seasons but they all persevere.

Second, there is strength in numbers. As you’d expect from any work environment, the Manhattan law firm has its fair share of backbiting and underhanded tactics. While it makes great telly, as a viewer the message of ‘teamwork makes the dreamwork’ slaps you in the face. There are a few more snippets of wisdom that the writers bestow on us but I’ll leave you to figure those out for yourself.


Make sure you’ve got a hefty supply of snacks as the relationships in the series are very slow-burning. It’s not till a few seasons in that Rachel and Ross start dating but all the while the individual friendships throughout the cast give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside and make you feel personally invested in their developments.

Patrick J Adams as Mike Ross and Meghan Markle as Rachel Zane

I got Litt Up

Hands down my favourite character by far is Louis Litt and you will love him too. It’s tricky to describe his character and shenanigans so I shall leave this section with no spoilers at all.

Frankly my dear, I just don’t give a damn

I was hooked at first, but by season five, I was just done with the repetitive story. We get it! Mike Ross is a good lawyer but is not really a lawyer! Jheeze! Overkill much?

For the first, second and third seasons we all held our breaths every time he strutted into a courtroom, read an opening statement or cross-examined a witness (impressed with my legal knowledge? No? Alright I’ll carry on).

This soon became pretty exhausting though, there is only a limited amount of time we can dedicate to caring and Suits breached this and then some. The continuous storyline was, will he get caught? Can they afford to keep his secret? After a while it became boring.

Not only did I get bored of the storyline I got bored of the person it centred around. You can climb down out of your own ass now Mike. He started the series as a loveable rogue, who was fiercely talented but was still growing into his own skin. By the end he is all grown up and his ego has grown with him. He is now a pompous ass and I don’t have time for it.

Jessica, who gave you permission to leave?

As much love as I have for Suits it’s full of the stereotypical middle aged dominant white males, so it was refreshing to have Jessica as a woman of colour in a position of power. Although her character didn’t have any juicy plotlines and by herself she was quite boring, we took her presence for granted as the show definitely started falling apart at the seams following her departure.

Fear not, word on the street (internet) is that Gina Torres, who plays Jessica, will lead a spin-off. We don’t know the name yet, but the USA Network has said it will be introduced in the Suits’ season seven finale and will follow Ms Pearson as she adjusts to the dirty world of Chicago politics.

Can Darvey just happen already????

Why on earth has it taken seven seasons for Donna and Harvey to start being open about their feelings for each other? While it was nice to see a Brit (Christina Cole) join the cast, my heart dropped when Harvey started dating Paula, his therapist. Plus from a woman’s point of view, where is her self esteem?? Throughout their sessions, he made it vehemently clear that his anxiety and panic attacks were caused by the mere prospect of living without Donna, so what made her think he was ready for a relationship with her??

Harvey, someone stole your balls

As much of a twat as Harvey is, he got the job done and we loved him for it. As the seasons progressed we began to see a softer side of him as his mentorship/friendship with Mike Ross grew. This was nice and we loved it even further when we saw a vulnerable side of Harvey as the show tackled the issue of anxiety and mental health.

After this though, he got soft and lost the bite that made us fall in love with him in the first place. By the end, he and the plots surrounding his character are just sloppy. From this point on, it takes a bit of determination to keep watching the season to the end.

What we hope to see in season 7B

So far we are three episodes deep into the second half of season seven. So far it hasn’t met my expectations. I was hoping for some more exciting cases, Harvey to get his groove back and more air time with Louis Litt. I got Litt Up!

From the trailer you can see the rest of season season will be spent wrapping up Rachel Zane and Mike Ross’ story so expect some soppiness and not the grit we are hoping for. I haven’t seen any news of cancellation but I’m certain it is imminent without the main characters. What will they do if they aren’t worried about Mike Ross getting caught???.

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