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Women spend more than two days a year on the phone to mum

Tuesday, June 30th 2015 by Phil Wilkinson-Jones

British women spend more than two days each year on the phone to their mum.

Research from the Post Office revealed that women talk to their mum on the phone for just over an hour a week on average.

Men spend around half as much time chatting on the phone to mum.

The results of the Post Office survey have been released to coincide with the launch of its new pay as you go mobile service.

They reveal that 82% of women often have long conversations with their mum.

26% of women speaking to their mum on the phone at least once a day, compared to 20% of men.

More than one in 10 men say it’s actually their mum who picks up the phone – to remind them they need to do something.

20% of men admit they never call their mum ‘just to talk’, instead only picking up the phone when they need something. 5% say they never talk to mum on the phone.

Cary Cooper, a professor of organisational psychology and health at Manchester University, said: “[The fact] that women call their mums more often to find out how they are and to have a general chat, whereas men tend to call for a specific reason or to get information from their mother, reinforces women’s more caring role and predisposition.

“Women also have more emotional intelligence or EQ, which means they are more inclined to provide social support to their parents, in this case their mother.”

'Sad commentary'

Prof Cooper said the findings suggest that people are talking less on the phone because they lead increasingly busy lives and are communicating more by text and email. He called this “a sad commentary of our times”.

“You need to invest in relationships by face-to-face communication or by phone, and not just through social media. This will unfortunately have a negative impact on the quality of our lives in the long run.

“Talking face to face or on the phone with people can help to build meaningful relationships, which can ultimately enhance our wellbeing and quality of life.”

Almost half (49%) of the 2,000 Brits surveyed believe they spend less time talking on the phone now than they did 10 years ago.

Six in 10 (59%) even admit there is at least one person they usually avoid calling or talking to on the phone, with 6% claiming there are 10 or more people they don’t want to speak to.

More than a quarter of Brits say they don’t like talking on the phone at all, with 39% saying it takes up too much of their time, 30% saying they feel awkward and 26% preferring to send a quick text message.

10% claim that they do not make phone calls because it is too expensive.

Geoff Smyth, head of telecoms at the Post Office, said: “We understand the value in talking over the phone.

“It is so easy for things to get lost in translation over digital formats and, when it comes to engaging with loved ones, conversation over the phone is second only to face-to-face engagement.”

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