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Wowcher deal offers Apple iMac with keyboard and mouse from £299

Wednesday, February 21st 2018 by Mike Whitehead

Let’s be honest, if money held no barrier to what we buy we’d all pile into Apple Stores across the land with reckless abandon and buy their latest new kid on the block whenever we fancied a change.

Money, however, can be a rather large barrier to most things we’d all like to have and, in particular, when we’re looking at anything techie-based.

We’ve all wandered around an Apple Store and had a play with all their iPhones, iPads, MacBooks et al with the inevitable conclusion of getting our hopes up before wincing when we notice those few extra zeros on the price tag. Apple products look great, their TV ads are cool and make us all want one. Whereas this may have seemed like a pipe dream, the lovely folk at UK-based deal of the day website, Wowcher, are offering us the opportunity to make these dreams a reality.

One current deal, available until midnight on Thursday 22 February, is offering an Apple iMac desktop computer, 4GB RAM and 500GB storage, with both a keyboard and mouse included for just £299. This equates to a 74% saving on the full retail price for a brand new iMac from an Apple Store. For £329 you can get the 1TB storage version or for £399 you can get the 8GB RAM and 2TB version.

Fitted with a powerful dual-core 2.0GHz processor this computer will be more than sufficient to meet most regular home and office requirements and any of the above storage options will comfortably find space for all your song catalogues, downloaded movies and video games. The items all come with a 12-month supplier warranty.

So, what’s the catch?

Well, there isn’t one really but, as you would expect for that price these computers are obviously not brand-new. All of these products are grade-b refurbished items, which means they should be in sound working order but with some noticeable cosmetic blemishes or scratches. In short, they won’t look pristine but they should work perfectly fine.

They are all 2009 models fitted with the El Capitan operating system. If you’re purchasing for your office, the offer does allow for multiple purchases, there is an additional £9.99 per item postage fee and you should allow for up to 10 working days for delivery.

If you prefer laptops rather than desktops, the same Wowcher supplier is currently offering a range of 13.3” Apple MacBooks. Starting from £169 for 80GB storage up to £199 for the 250GB version, this represents a saving of 66% on the brand new price. As with the iMacs the MacBooks are grade-b refurbished items and come with a 12-month supplier warranty.

How does Wowcher work?

As the name suggests, if you’re interested in any of the deals of the day available on Wowcher’s website what you need to do is purchase a voucher code – a ‘wowcher’ - from them which you will receive by email. Once you’ve done this you can use this voucher code to purchase the particular item you were interested in even after that deal has officially ended.

So, for example, with the iMac deal you need to purchase this particular ‘wowcher’ before the deal closes. You then have up until 26 March to redeem this ‘wowcher’ for this item. The great thing is, if you change your mind and want to buy a different item, you can do this. There is no absolute commitment to buy that item once you’ve purchased your ‘wowcher’.

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