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What is Ofcom Price Comparison Accreditation?

Ofcom's Price Comparison Accreditation scheme provides assurance that the calculations of price comparison websites of fixed-line, mobile, broadband and television services are accessible, accurate, up-to-date, transparent and comprehensive.

For Cable.co.uk the accreditation process involved a rigorous, independent audit of our price calculator, which found that we met Ofcom’s very exacting standards. Once accredited, we were allowed to display the Ofcom Price Accreditation Scheme logo on our website.

What does Ofcom accreditation mean to me?

Accreditation means you can use Cable.co.uk assured that you are getting accurate, transparent, comprehensive, up-to-date and accessible price information from the comparison calculator.

The accreditation does not extend to other advice provided by Cable.co.uk, such as guides and reviews.

What if I am disabled?

As part of the audit, Ofcom assessed Cable.co.uk’s methods of providing information to consumers with a variety of disabilities and access needs. It found both that Cable.co.uk caters to consumers with visual impairments and that it is written in plain, simple English.

What does Ofcom do to ensure Cable.co.uk remains accurate?

Cable.co.uk was reviewed 12 months after the award of the accreditation and is now reviewed again every 18 months. We also notify Ofcom of any material changes either to our price calculator or to how we provide pricing information.

Ofcom has also introduced spot checks every three months on the information being provided. If Ofcom finds that we no longer meet the terms of the accreditation agreement it can withdraw accreditation.

If you need more information, you can find it on Ofcom's website.