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Virgin Media provides up to 350Mbps superfast broadband along with a range of broadband, TV, phone and mobile packages. Prices start from as little as £28 a month.


Sky offers TV, standard & fibre broadband and phone. Sky TV Packages can be bundled, and you can add a variety of extra channels and services, from Sky Sports and Movies to Sky Multiscreen and Sky Go Extra.


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Cable providers

The cable market in the UK was a one horse race for a long time. It’s always best for consumers to have some degree of choice when it comes to anything they buy - choice and competition in any marketplace tends to drive innovation and competition which leads, ideally, to better products and lower costs.

Fortunately more names, and big names at that, have entered the UK cable market. So now that consumers have more choice they now have to ask, who is the best cable provider?

The short answer to that, aside from the core technology, the cable providers operating in the UK are very different from one another with each having its own range of services and its own strengths.

Who is the best cable provider?

It is impossible to definitively say who the best cable provider is as one of the principal considerations with cable is that of availability. Non-cable providers have access to the telephone network to transmit broadband, and the majority of digital TV providers simply need their subscribers to have an aerial or satellite dish to pick up their signals.

Cable services, be them cable TV, cable broadband or cable home phone services are carried to customers’ homes via dedicated fibre optic networks. These networks require a lot of investment and a lot of work to extend and so cable services are not nearly as widely available as non-cable services.

BT and Virgin Media both operate their own fibre optic cable networks and, as such, just because one provider operates in you area it doesn’t necessarily mean that any others do.

To find out if you can get cable services in your area you should start by using our postcode checker. You can do this by clicking on the name of one of the providers above to go to their page and check whether that provider services your area.

However, we think that you may find it easier to visit our cable comparison page instead. By using the postcode checker on that page we can tell you straight away if cable services are available in your area and which providers you have to choose from.

Comparing UK cable providers

At the top of this page you’ll see a list of the cable providers that are currently active in the UK. Currently there are just three players in the UK cable market; Virgin Media, Plusnet & BT.

Virgin Media is the longest-running UK cable provider and offers the widest range of cable services and packages. These services include cable TV, cable broadband – very often referred to as fibre optic broadband – and cable phone services.

These services are offered as standalone packages or as part of double or triple bundles. Many subscribers to Virgin’s cable service opt for a triple bundle of broadband, TV and phone packages for added convenience and value for money.

BT joined the cable market in recent years with its fibre optic broadband service BT Infinity. As TV packages from BT are broadcast via traditional means and received by customers’ aerials they cannot strictly be described as cable TV, although BT Vision on-demand content is carried via broadband. BT Infinity packages are only offered in double bundles with inclusive landline calls.

Plusnet is another company that has recently joined the cable market in the UK. Unlike Virgin Media and BT Plusnet does not offer cable broadband with any other services, preferring instead to offer standalone fibre optic broadband packages.

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