VIVID 350 Fibre Broadband + Weekend Calls

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    • Broadband

      VIVID 350 Broadband
      • 362Mb Average Speed Fibre
      • Unlimited Monthly Usage
      • Free Super Fast Wireless Router

      Note: broadband speeds may vary

      Home Phone

      Virgin Phone M
      • Weekend Calls

      Digital TV

      Not included
    • VIVID 350 Broadband

      362Mb average speed unlimited fibre optic cable broadband. Free super-fast wireless router & PCguard security. No phone line required.

      Download Speed (average)362Mb
      Monthly UsageUnlimited
      Fair Usage PolicyNo
      Upload Speed21Mb
      Traffic ManagementNo
      IP AddressingDynamic
    • Virgin Phone M

      Phone M (Talk Weekends) gives you unlimited weekend UK landline calls and Virgin will normally let you keep your existing phone number.

      Daytime Calls9.94p per minute
      Evening Calls9.94p per minute
      Weekend CallsIncluded in package
      Out-of-bundle charges

      Please note that calls to mobiles and numbers starting 05, 070, 076, 08, 09, 101, 116 and 118 may not be included, and you may be charged if your call exceeds a set time-limit. Customers with free weekend and evening calls will be charged outside these periods. Some mobile providers will also charge you for calling your voicemail.

      Since contracts differ between providers and packages, we advise you to check carefully which calls you will be charged for.

    • Price breakdown

      Monthly prices include line rental

      Monthly cost£42.00
      Set-up cost£25.00
      First year cost£529.00
      Average cost per month£44.08
      Minimum contract length12 months
      In simple terms...

      You'll pay £42.00p/m for the first 12 months, a one-off cost of £25.00.

    • Contract

      You should have the right to cancel without penalty if your provider increases charges during the minimum term of your contract.

      Assumptions and limitations

    Call 0800 211 8165


    Max Download Speed362Mb
    Max Upload Speed21Mb
    Monthly UsageUnlimited
    Fair UsageNo
    Traffic ShapingNo


    Daytime Calls9.94ppm
    Evening Calls9.94ppm
    Weekend CallsInclusive

    Pricing & Contract

    Monthly Cost
    per month
    (includes line rental)
    Upfront Cost£25.00
    Contract Length12 months
    Line Rental p/m£0
    Average Monthly£44.08
    First Year Cost£529
    Lifetime Cost£529
    Call 0800 211 8165