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BT business broadband reviews

BT is the biggest broadband provider in the country and a popular choice to get your business connected to the rest of the world. It offers a mixed bag of business broadband and phone packages, with a range of useful features including good technical support, inclusive call plans and optional static IP addresses.

There are some oddities with BT business however, like the near-useless 10GB usage allowance on the basic plan, a confusing pricing structure and a wealth of extra charges. So is BT the right choice for your business or should you shop around? We review each service to help you decide.

All BT business broadband reviews

BT Infinity Premium for Business – 76Mb broadband


£36.20 per month

BT Infinity Premium for Business – 76Mb broadband
BT Infinity for Business – 38Mb broadband


£34.90 per month

BT Infinity for Business – 38Mb broadband
BT Premium broadband (17Mb)


£27 per month

BT Premium broadband (17Mb)
BT Unlimited broadband (17Mb) for business


£19 per month

BT Unlimited broadband (17Mb) for business
BT Basic broadband for business


£23.90 per month

BT Basic broadband for business

About BT business broadband

BT is a stalwart of the telecoms world and many firms’ first choice for business phone and broadband. However, if you are looking to cut costs, BT isn’t cheap and the plans with the lowest price are pretty restrictive with a very low usage cap that seems inadequate for even the smallest cottage industry.

BT’s business broadband deals are generous in some areas but very stingy in others. All plans include Prompt Care to deal with technical issues and the more expensive fibre broadband services offer advanced support with BT’s Tech Heads. A basic call plan is included as standard and you can upgrade to a bigger one if your business relies heavily on outbound calls.

Business customers also get access to BT’s extensive Wi-fi network so you can keep connected to customers, clients and suppliers while away from the office. However, static IP addresses, which come as standard with pretty much all business broadband suppliers, are subject to an extra £5 per month at BT.

Technical support

Prompt Care cover is free of charge for all BT business customers. It promises to fix any problem by the end of the next working day and if this promise isn’t met, you can claim £25 through the Customer Service Compensation Scheme.

Customers who opt for a fibre plan also get access to BT’s Tech Heads support, which is a round-the-clock support team that can help you with a host of IT issues, not just broadband-related ones. Certain issues aren’t included however, such as malware disinfection, or support for third-party hardware and software.

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BT offers three business broadband speeds: up to 17Mbps for standard ADSL, and up to 38Mbps and 76Mbps for the fibre services. The corresponding upload speeds are 1Mbps, 9.5Mbps and 19Mbps.

With the exception of the sluggish 1Mbps, these are adequate for most small- or medium-sized business needs, but larger firms may find even the fastest service too slow, particularly if employees regularly download and upload large files at the same time.

BT adds the caveat that the actual speed you receive will vary depending on many factors, such as the distance between your installation point and the green cabinet in the street, and the condition and length of your internal wiring. However, BT Infinity for business does deliver more consistent speeds than its standard broadband service.


Efficient technical support and inclusive static IP addresses are two of the key features of business broadband. BT offers the former, but charges extra for the latter – which seems a bit cheeky as most providers offer at least one static IP for free.

With regards to call plans, the Business Complete 500 UK package is included as standard, which provides 500 UK landline minutes. If you require more, you can upgrade to the Business Complete Call Package, which costs £12.50 and comes with 5,000 UK and international landline minutes, and 500 UK mobile minutes.

Further features can be added to your call plan, including caller display and call barring, which can all be bought in a bundle to cut costs. BT Answer 1571 is free. The BT Business Hub is also free, and provides a strong wireless signal that detects and avoids wi-fi interference. It can be used as a wi-fi hotspot for your customers too – on different channels to your own devices for security purposes.

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