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BT Mobile reviews

BT launched its new mobile arm in 2015, offering a small range of 4G SIM-only plans with bundles of calls, texts and internet data. BT Mobile plans are available to everyone, although BT broadband customers get preferential rates.

BT Mobile shares the EE network, which is the largest and fastest 4G network in the country. BT Mobile customers also get perks such as free BT Sport and unlimited public wi-fi. However, options are limited with no pay-as-you-go service and just a handful of phones to choose from.

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BT Mobile SIM-only review


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BT Mobile SIM-only review

About BT Mobile

BT re-entered the mobile market in 2015 following a 13-year hiatus after its previous guise, BT Cellnet, rebranded to become O2. BT Mobile is a simple, straightforward service with three SIM-only bundles and a small selection of phones to buy outright.

BT piggybacks on the EE network and you’ll automatically connect to its 4G service if it’s available in your area. If not, you can still make calls, send text messages and use the internet via the widespread 3G network.

Plans and payment options

BT Mobile is primarily a SIM-only service. There are three bundles that all run on 12-month contracts. Each one includes unlimited calls and texts, with the choice of 500MB, 2GB or 15GB internet data per month.

If you need a new phone as well, there’s a limited selection of basic models to buy in the BT Shop, with £50 discount for new customers. New and existing BT broadband customers also save £5 per month on the cost of BT Mobile plans.

BT Mobile uses EE’s network, which has widespread availability throughout the country with 98% coverage for 3G and 99% for 4G. However, what really matters is coverage in your area and you can find this out by using the BT Mobile coverage checker.


For those who like to use the internet on their phone, mobile broadband speed is very important to the overall experience. Based on EE’s impressive download and upload speeds (33Mbps and 17.6Mbps respectively for 4G), we expect BT Mobile to perform well but since the service is so new, it has yet to be proven.


The extra features of BT Mobile set it apart from the competition and make it a good value option even if you’re a non-BT broadband customer and not entitled to the discounted rates.

BT Sport app and online player

BT Mobile customers get the BT Sport app for free. The televised sports service broadcasts weekly live matches from the Barclays Premier League as well as UEFA Europa League, Scottish Premier League and FA Cup games.

You also can watch Aviva Premiership rugby, Moto GP, UFC and much more. With the BT Sport app, you can watch live events alongside news and expert analysis on your smartphone.

Unlimited public wi-fi

BT customers also get free and unlimited access to BT wi-fi, the largest public wi-fi network in the world. The BT wi-fi app alerts you when you’re near a hotspot (there’s five million in the UK and over 14 million worldwide) and automatically connects to you the network. It’s a great way to save your data allowance, particularly when watching BT Sport as it streams content over the internet.

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