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Direct Save Telecom unlimited fibre broadband review

Thursday, November 5th 2015

Direct Save Telecom unlimited fibre broadband comes with free weekend calls, unlimited usage and a download speed of up to 38Mbps. That’s enough to stream a dozen high definition films all at the same time.

Direct Save Telecom offers fast broadband, but does it live up to our expectations? To help you decide, here's everything you need to know about the package.

Cable.co.uk overall rating

Direct Save Telecom offers a middle-of-the-road price for a middle-of-the-road fibre broadband package. It has a download speed of 38Mbps, comes with unlimited usage, and has no traffic management. However, there is little in the way of extras, the broadband router isn't great, and there's a significant upfront cost.

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Speed & usage



Fibre broadband is for those who want a high download and upload speed. With up to 38Mbps you can’t go wrong. Although it’s not the fastest on the market, it matches packages from other providers including Sky and TalkTalk. Direct Save also offers a 76Mbps fibre package if you think you may want more speed. With a 38Mbps connection, you’ll be able to connect a number of wi-fi devices to the home network so you can stream the latest movie, while someone else is having a conversation with a friend on Skype and downloading the latest album – ideal for a household that is constantly online.

The package comes with an upload speed of up to 10Mbps. You’ll be able to share files, videos and pictures on social networks, like Twitter and Facebook, in no time at all.

The usage limit can be the deciding factor when making your choice. All Direct Save Telecom unlimited packages are truly unlimited, which means there's no usage cap whatsoever.

Direct Save Telecom used to operate a traffic management policy that restricted your online activity at peak times. This is no longer the case. Your broadband speed may still slow down a little during peak times, but this is due to the natural increase in traffic, rather than any artificial traffic management system.

Advertised download speed Up to 38Mbps
Average downloads (off-peak) Not Available
Average downloads (peak) Not Available
Advertised upload speed Up to 10Mbps
Monthly usage limit Unlimited
Traffic management No
Static IP Yes
Minimum contract 12 months
Router ZyXEL VMG8324-B10A
Public wi-fi No
Prices from £31.50 per month

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What you can do with it



‘Actual’ speeds for Direct Save Telecom are not available from Ofcom.

Call plan



The Direct Save Telecom Unlimited Fibre broadband comes with free inclusive weekend calls to UK landlines – ideal for a good chat with your friends and family at the weekend. Calls are restricted to 60 minutes per call. But if 60 minutes isn’t long enough, just hang up and redial to avoid any extra charges. Plus, you can keep your current home phone number.

You’ll need to pay a fee of £31.50 per month (which includes line rental) for 12 months.

Direct Save Telecom also offers a number of extra call features including call waiting, call barring and three-way calling. These all come at an extra cost.




Although Direct Save Telecom doesn’t offer a great deal of extras, the Direct Save discount card makes up for that. With this, you can enjoy luxuries at a discounted price. From travel and clothing to insurance services and electricals, there is something for everyone.

You can get up to 55% discount on family days including Alton Towers, Chessington World of Adventures, Warwick Castle and Disneyland. Plus you can get discounts on hotels and apartments in over 2,500 destinations. But there’s more – you can also save while you shop at a number of popular retail stores including Matalan, Debenhams, Amazon, House of Fraser and River Island. All you need to do is log in to the website with your card number and surname. For more information on the Direct Save discount card, you can visit the website.

Direct Save Telecom offers unlimited fibre broadband for £31.50 with an upfront installation fee of £24.95, and there is a router delivery charge of £8.95. Be aware that if you decide to cancel before the minimum period ends, you'll be faced with cancellation fees. There is no inclusive calls package - you either have to pay for the calls you make or you can choose to pay extra for evenings and weekends ot anytime calls.

Direct Save's customer service team is based in the UK and available seven days a week to deal with any problems that arise.

Direct Save Telecom comes with a free ZyXEL wireless router. It can handle broadband speeds of up to 300Mbps. The router is single band, so there may be interference issues when using several wireless devices, like smartphones or tablets. It also comes with in-built security (WPS) and parental controls. When you join Direct Save Telecom broadband, it comes for free (you still have to pay for postage, however). The router isn't very attractive to look at, either. So if you are fussy about the appearance of your technology, this may be an issue. Overall, the ZyXEL is a basic broadband router that will get the job done.

Direct Save Router

Overall Rating


Direct Save Telecom's unlimited fibre broadband costs about the same as its competitors' basic fibre options, but even so, it's not quite as up to scratch as these. The lack of meaningful extras, the sub-par router, and the high upfront cost undermine the package, but the absence of traffic management or a fair usage policy (coupled with the initial free period) may make it worth considering for some.

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