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EE business broadband reviews

EE is a major player in the British telecoms market. Alongside its vast selection of business-specific 4G mobile phone and mobile broadband plans, the provider now offers fixed-line business broadband.

EE’s business arm is pretty basic but offers an affordable way for small firms to get online. It offers around the clock support and a choice of several calls plans, but there’s no optional for a static IP, which is a standard feature with rival business services. Nevertheless, EE could be the right fit for your business and these independent reviews will help you decide.

All provider package

EE fibre business broadband 76Mb



EE fibre business broadband 76Mb
EE standard business broadband



EE standard business broadband
EE fibre business broadband 38Mb



EE fibre business broadband 38Mb

About EE business broadband

EE formed in 2010 as a result of the merger between T-Mobile and Orange and is best known as the pioneer of 4G – the fourth generation of mobile broadband. It entered the fixed-line broadband market in 2012 and now offers a range of standard and fibre broadband with phone packages for homes and businesses.

EE offers three internet solutions for businesses: one standard broadband service and two fibre services. The only difference between them is speed. All packages come with unlimited usage and a choice of call plans, plus UK-based support and optional security software. Prices start from £13 per month plus line rental.

Technical support

Business customers have access to a UK-based customer service centre for 24/7 support. Next day care is included as standard with EE business broadband services, meaning the provider will aim to resolve any issue by the next working day (although not available on Sundays or bank or public holidays). Alternatively, there’s an option to upgrade to same day resolution for an additional £12 per month, which aims to fix line faults within eight hours of EE accepting the fault. This option is available seven days a week.

Another feature of EE broadband is that in the rare event of network overload, business internet traffic will be prioritised over consumer traffic during office hours (9am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday).


EE uses the BT Openreach network to deliver broadband and telephone services throughout the UK. This means availability is widespread for standard broadband and limited to around two thirds of addresses for fibre broadband while the infrastructure continues to roll out. You can find out which EE services are available in your area using the checker below.

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EE’s three small business packages offer three varying levels of speed, which are on a par with the majority of other mainstream providers in the UK. The basic ADSL2+ service has a download speed of 17Mbps, and the fibre services offer a choice of 38Mbps or 76Mbps. As is the case with most providers, the actual speed you will receive depends on a huge variety of factors, such as how far your office is from the nearest exchange and how many devices are using the connection at the same time. All EE’s broadband services include unlimited usage, but they are subject to traffic management that can throttle speeds at peak times.


EE business broadband is available as a standalone broadband only service, or together with a landline and choice of five call plans. Line rental costs £12.50 per month, plus the price of your chosen call plan. The options include pay-as-you-go, national calls, national and mobile calls, national and international calls and all calls. Call features such as three-way calling, call waiting and ring back are also available.

Security software and cloud computing

Further features are available to enhance the security and accessibility of your firm’s internet connection. Firstly, Norton 360 security software protects up to five different devices from spam, malware and unsafe websites for a small additional monthly fee. There is also the option to add Office 365 for access to day-to-day office tools through the cloud, so you and your team can access them anywhere, on any device. It allows you to work on documents in real time and keeps everyone in sync and on schedule with shared calendars and contacts. Prices start from £100 per year.

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