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EE mobile reviews

EE is a premium mobile provider. Its plans, tariffs, and contracts cost more – in general – than those of its competitors. But while it’s more expensive than its rivals, its mobile internet speed is faster, and it has greater coverage. There are several plans to choose from, including SIM-only and pay-as-you-go. You can also purchase a new handset on an EE pay monthly contract.

EE plans come with extra features, including free wi-fi on the London Underground, and the freedom to share your mobile internet between several devices, such as your laptop or a friend’s tablet (known as ‘tethering’). Here’s everything you need to know about EE…

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EE SIM-only
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EE pay-as-you-go

About EE

Both Orange and T-Mobile are part of EE. They were merged into the larger company in 2010. If you’re on an Orange or T-Mobile contract, you’re actually on EE’s network. In addition to its mobile services, EE also offers home broadband (standard and fibre) and a television service – EE TV.

Payment options

If you need a new handset, EE offers a wide selection of pay monthly phones, including the latest models from all the big brands. If you already own a smartphone and don’t want to switch models, you can choose from either a SIM-only or an EE pay-as-you-go plan. The SIM-only plans come on both 30-day and 12-month contracts.

EE isn’t a budget provider

EE isn’t cheap. Generally, you’ll pay more for its allowances than you would on a different network. If you choose a 500MB plan from EE, for example, you’ll often be paying the same as if you chose a 2GB plan from a different provider. But while its rivals may be cheaper, your internet browsing will be much faster with EE – especially if you’re in a 4G area.


EE has the largest 4G network of any UK provider. It covers around 99% of homes and businesses. Its 3G network is also extensive, covering around 98% of UK homes and businesses. The coverage map here can tell you if you’re covered.


EE was the UK’s first 4G provider. With 4G, you can get online with your smartphone and tablet to browse websites, stream videos, and download apps. It’s much faster than 3G, the previous type of mobile internet. Ofcom provides ratings of the average speeds you can expect to reach. On 4G, EE’s average speed was rated 33Mbps. That’s faster than any other UK mobile provider. On 3G, the average speed was rated 7Mbps.

The 4G+ network is even faster

EE’s main 4G network covers about 99% of UK homes and businesses and provides an average download speed of 18.4Mbps. But that isn’t its fastest network. In London, EE has started to roll out the 4G+ network. EE claims that, on this, you can reach download speeds of up to 90Mbps. However, availability is extremely limited.


Several extra features are included with EE deals. One is the ability to tether. This lets you connect other devices to your phone’s internet connection to get them online. You can tether on all EE plans, up to the total amount of your data allowance. Another extra is access to wi-fi on the London Underground. With your EE phone, you can connect to the internet while on the Underground, for free. You can only do this in ticket halls and on the platforms – not on the train.

Orange Wednesdays are no longer available

Orange Wednesdays was a long-standing promotion that gave Orange, T-Mobile, and EE customers two-for-one cinema tickets on Wednesdays. EE recently cancelled it, replacing the offer with 99p movie rentals from the EE film shop on Thursdays.

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