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Hyperoptic broadband reviews

Hyperoptic is creating a buzz in the telecoms market as one of two UK providers to offer 1Gb broadband – that’s an astonishingly fast 1,000 megabits per second. It is far faster than most of us can ever make use of but that hasn’t stopped people eagerly signing up.

However, Hyperoptic is still rolling out and is not available to individual homes; it is only installed on a site-by-site shared basis in business and residential buildings. Customer feedback seems to suggest that if you can get it, you should, but there’s more to know before you jump on the 1Gb bandwagon and commit to a contract.

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About Hyperoptic broadband

London-born Hyperoptic launched in 2010 and began rolling out fast fibre broadband to residential properties throughout the capital. It has since announced plans to expand to more UK cities. Hyperoptic installs fibre-to-the-property (FTTP) broadband, removing the need for copper telephone lines that can slow down other fibre optic broadband connections.

Once the fibre infrastructure has been installed in a property, individual premises can join the network and choose from three different broadband speeds on 12-month contracts.

Fast broadband with and without a phone line

Hyperoptic broadband is available with and without a home phone service. If you do decide to have a home phone, unlimited evening and weekend calls are included as standard. You can upgrade to get anytime and international calls. Calls are carried over the broadband connection and you’ll just need to connect your phone to the HyperHub router to set it up.


Hyperoptic doesn’t operate like traditional broadband providers. Instead, it installs in individual, multi-unit buildings based on demand. So the best way to get Hyperoptic is to encourage fellow residents or businesses to pitch for it together as a group by registering interest on the Hyperoptic website.

If you’ve heard about Hyperoptic from neighbours or received a flyer through the door, it may already be available in your building. You can find out for sure using the checker below. If it is, you can just sign up online as normal, arrange installation and commit to a monthly Direct Debit.

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Speed is the biggest selling point of Hyperoptic broadband. There are three levels of superfast broadband to choose from: 20Mb, 100Mb and the ultimate 1Gb, which offers enough speed for a whole building of heavy downloaders to enjoy optimum internet performance at the same time. The services are also symmetric, which means the speed applies to both downloads and uploads.

You really do get what you pay for

Hyperoptic’s tests show that 95% of customers receive the actual speed of the service they sign up for – a hugely different story from mainstream broadband customers where speed varies widely depending on location. Hyperoptic is able to guarantee these speeds because it installs fibre directly into the buildings, meaning there is no copper cabling to slow things down.


Hyperoptic is short on extra features that you might see elsewhere in the broadband market, such as inclusive free public wi-fi or security software. But speed is what it sells and speed is exactly what you get. The potential to boost property value is a big benefit pushed by Hyperoptic and other FTTP providers as high-speed broadband becomes increasingly desirable to househunters.

Another benefit is the UK-based customer service centre, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Customer feedback suggests the Hyperoptic team are a very helpful, proactive bunch, but only time will tell if this good quality service will continue as the network grows.

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