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Mobile by Sainsbury’s reviews

Mobile by Sainsbury’s has terminated its services. For a cheap alternative you may wish to consider Tesco Mobile or Asda Mobile . The mobile network delivers a basic pay-as-you-go service with added benefits for customers who also shop at its supermarkets.

Users can choose to top up with credit and use the standard tariff or go for one of three pre-paid bundles for a better rate. Mobile by Sainsbury’s may hold some appeal for people seeking an affordable mobile solution with added loyalty perks.

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Mobile by Sainsbury’s SIM-only



Mobile by Sainsbury’s SIM-only

About Mobile by Sainsbury’s

Mobile by Sainsbury’s is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) built on the Vodafone network. It debuted in 2013 and followed similar launches by supermarket rivals Tesco and Asda in preceding years. It’s a pay-as-you-go service that allows customers to purchase 30-day Sainsbury’s mobile bundles for a better rate on calls, texts and mobile internet data.

Plans and payment options

You can join Sainsbury’s mobile network on a pay-as-you-go basis or sign up for one of three SIM-only bundles. Bundles are available when you top up with a qualifying amount of credit or on a rolling monthly basis when you sign up online. Bundles offer better value for money over the standard tariff rate and come with a set allowance of minutes, texts and data.

Free SIM

You can order a free Sainsbury’s SIM online or pick one up in your nearest Sainsbury’s supermarket or Sainsbury’s phone shop. Standard, micro and nano SIMs are all available. If you’re not sure which one you need, check your phone’s user manual.

No contract

Sainsbury’s bundles renew automatically every 30 days. As there’s no long-term contract, you’re free to cancel or switch whenever you like.


Sainsbury’s says that its mobile network covers 99% of the UK. This relates to its 2G coverage and supports calls and texts. Its 3G service, which enables customers to get online with their phone, covers closer to 87% of premises. Actual service availability will vary. You can check your estimated coverage here.


Sainsbury’s mobile customers don’t get 4G, the fastest widely available mobile internet technology. There’s no specific data available pertaining to the speed of Sainsbury’s 3G service and no guarantees from the provider. Over 3G, webpages are likely to take longer to open and videos may suffer interruptions more frequently than on 4G.


Members of the Nectar loyalty card scheme are likely to get the most out of the mobile network. You can collect extra Nectar points on top of what you already collect purely by linking your Mobile by Sainsbury's number to your Nectar account. And with the permission of other Mobile by Sainsbury's customers, you can also link their numbers, giving you the potential to earn even more points.

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