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Origin Broadband Max review

Tuesday, November 17th 2015

Origin Broadband is a relative newbie to the telecoms market, but has quickly made a mark with three competitively priced broadband and phone services. Origin Broadband Max is the fastest, top-level service with a download speed of up to 76Mb, which matches that of many mainstream providers.

It includes truly unlimited usage and round-the-clock support from a UK-based customer service team. Origin Broadband Max comes with a phone line as standard available only on an 18-month contract, but if you pay for the complete bundle upfront you can save on the overall cost.

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Origin Broadband Max combines unlimited usage with fast speed for a reasonable price. Features include a UK support centre and a referral reward scheme, but it falls short on perks common with more mainstream providers.

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Speed & usage



Origin Broadband Max is on a par with the vast majority of top-level fibre broadband services in the UK, with an advertised download speed of 76Mb and upload speed of 19Mb. It’s not the fastest widely available service (that’s Virgin Media with 300Mb), but pretty swift all the same. To give you an idea of how fast, 76Mb will download an average album in just over four seconds. As well as fast downloads of individual files, a speedy service like this is also useful for households that share their connection across several different devices at once.

All Origin broadband deals are truly unlimited so you can make the most of this speed and use the internet throughout each month without restriction. However, there is no official data from Ofcom to indicate exactly what speed Origin Broadband customers receive.

Advertised download speed Up to 76Mb
Average downloads (off-peak) Not available*
Average downloads (peak) Not available*
Advertised upload speed 19Mb
Monthly usage limit No
Traffic management No
Static IP Optional
Minimum contract 18 months
Router ASUS N16
Public wi-fi No
Prices from £27.99

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What you can do with it



Average speeds for Origin broadband are not available from Ofcom at this time

Call plan



Line rental is charged at £18.49 per month but is included in the monthly price advertised by Origin. You don’t get any calls included for that price so will be charged extra for any calls that you make.

You can add an inclusive call plan to your package when you sign up, with a choice of evening and weekend calls (£3.49 per month) or inclusive anytime calls (£5.99). Inclusive calls apply only to other UK-landlines and are subject to a 60-minute-call-duration. You can avoid being charged extra for longer calls by hanging up and redialling at the one-hour mark.




If you’re after the perks offered by the big name providers, such as free public wi-fi and security software, Origin Broadband may not be for you as it does not offer these. However, there are some nice features that set it apart. The Doncaster-based customer support centre is open 24/7 and free to call. Alternatively, you can sort issues out online through the Origin website or responsive Twitter feed.

Secondly, Origin operates a referral reward scheme where customers get a £25 credit to their bill for recommending Origin to friends and family (provided they sign up).

Origin Broadband Max is quite competitively priced compared to other fibre broadband plans at this speed, although many include a phone plan as standard whereas you have to pay a little extra to get one at Origin. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a fast, affordable no-frills internet service, it ticks a lot of boxes.

Origin Broadband Max is available from £27.99 per month on an 18-month contract. Line rental is already included in that price. origin does offer a Supersaver scheme where you can pay for your service upfront and save around 20% on the cost in total.

Origin Broadband Max includes a free ASUS N16 router, delivered free of charge. It’s a capable router but by no means standout, particularly for a fibre service. While it sports three antennas, it’s single band only (2.4 GHz), which increases the risk of interference and doesn’t take advantage of the improved wireless performance of leading smartphones and tablets.

There are a further two ASUS routers available from Origin, each more advanced than the last, but they’re priced at £89.99 and £124.99 each. Most users will be satisfied with the free model.

Fibre broadband installation is free, but if you need a new phone line put in it will cost £48.

ASUS N16 Router

Overall Rating


Origin is a strong contender to the big name broadband providers and offers a well-priced fibre optic service for fast home internet. The unlimited usage, UK-based support and 76Mb speed are all great features, but the lack of official data regarding Origin’s broadband speed and customer satisfaction requires customers to take a step into the unknown.

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