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Plusnet broadband reviews

Plusnet was founded in Yorkshire and is one of the cheapest broadband providers on the market. It is well known for low prices and its award-winning customer support across its standard and fibre broadband services.

However, many people aren’t aware that this overtly Yorkshire company is actually owned by BT and its pricing structure is not always friendly towards those living outside the UK’s well-connected urban areas. As with any broadband provider, it pays to look below the surface before you decide it's the best option.

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Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra broadband
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Plusnet Unlimited fibre broadband
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About Plusnet broadband

Plusnet was acquired by the BT Group in 2007, but it continues to operate as a separate business. You can take broadband only (with line rental) with Plusnet, or you can combine it with a home phone plan. The provider is known for offering broadband at a competitive price, so if you are looking to lessen your financial burden, Plusnet may be worth considering.


With Plusnet, you can only bundle your broadband with home phone. If you are looking to get a broadband, TV and phone package you will have to shop elsewhere and see what other providers have to offer. Sky, Virgin Media and BT are just a few providers that offer a three-in-one package.


Plusnet standard broadband is fairly widely available, but the fibre services are only available in certain areas. If you put your postcode into our availability checker, you can easily find out which Plusnet services might be on offer in your area.

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Plusnet offers standard broadband as well as fast fibre broadband deals, with download speeds of up to 17Mb, 38Mb and 76Mb. The two faster, fibre speeds are more than enough for a large household that uses the internet on a daily basis.

Although these speeds aren’t the fastest on the market, they match those from other providers, including Sky and Virgin Media. Just to give you an idea, with a download speed of 76Mb you can stream an HD film in 10 minutes and download a music album in four seconds.

Plusnet operates a traffic management policy. This means that your online activity will be slowed down at peak times to ensure consistent speed across the network. This shouldn’t be a problem for light users, but could be frustrating for those who are heavy on downloading and streaming.


Plusnet offers its packages at a low price so it’s to be expected that it’s equally low on perks. In terms of security software, you will receive Plusnet Protect, powered by McAfee, which blocks viruses and any unsuitable content.

Standard broadband customers will receive a free Technicolor 582n router, a 4-port wireless router, to which you can connect multiple devices for browsing around your home. Fibre customers meanwhile, will recieve the more advanced dual-band Plusnet Hub One router for faster speeds and less interference.

Award-winning customer service

One big plus with Plusnet is its UK-based customer services – unusual for a broadband provider. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the support team have won praise and awards from within the industry for their reliability and efficiency.

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