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Plusnet business broadband reviews

Plusnet is the alternative choice to the major players in the business broadband market, as it offers a range of affordable deals starting from £13.50 per month. The choice of standard and fibre optic speeds with capped or unlimited usage means there’s a service to suit most small- to mid-sized businesses.

Free static IPs and a selection of contract lengths are other attractions, but there are drawbacks too in the shape of very basic technical support and expensive extra features. So is Plusnet broadband the right choice for your business? Our reviews of the provider’s four services will help you make up your mind.

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Plusnet unlimited business fibre broadband



Plusnet unlimited business fibre broadband
Plusnet unlimited business broadband



Plusnet unlimited business broadband
Plusnet business broadband



Plusnet business broadband

About Plusnet business broadband

Plusnet is a bit of an underdog in the broadband market but an increasingly popular choice for businesses looking to get their telecoms from a smaller provider with a stellar customer service reputation. It offers a choice of speeds, usage limits and contract lengths, with static IPs and 24/7 technical support as standard, so it knows exactly what businesses want and aims to deliver.

However, there are a few oddities. For example, it’s hard to imagine what kind of business the meagre 25GB usage cap on the basic plan would suit. However, there are also unlimited options on offer, and all the plans are well-priced, so Plusnet broadband is definitely worth consideration when it comes to getting your business online.

Technical support

Good technical support is one of the most important elements of business broadband and Plusnet offers this with a 24/7 free helpline as well as online assistance to help with any problems. Plusnet is very proud of its customer service reputation and heavily promotes its ethos for personal, customised and jargon-free support.


Plusnet is owned by BT and uses the BT Openreach infrastructure to carry both its standard ADSL and fibre optic broadband services. Availability is pretty widespread; you can find out what services you can get in your area using the tool below. However, broadband and line rental prices vary greatly depending on your location and the length of contract you choose.

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Plusnet offers businesses a choice of two download speeds: standard ADSL up to 17Mbps and fibre optic up to 76Mbps. These speeds are ample for the majority of businesses and Ofcom’s speed tests suggest that the services perform well in practice and are close to the advertised speeds. Uploads were particularly fast on the 76Mbps connection (averaging 17.4Mbps), which is a major boon for businesses that regularly share files and communicate by video calling.

The speed is combined with a choice of data limits at 25GB per month for standard broadband and 50GB for fibre, plus an unlimited option on both plans. However, it’s not truly unlimited as all Plusnet business broadband plans are subject to traffic management.


Plusnet offers a wide range of extra features, however many come at extra cost and it’s likely you’ll need to take at least one to ensure the services meet your business needs. For example, call plans start from £4 per month for unlimited anytime calls to UK landlines (beginning 01, 02, 03, 0845, 0870), otherwise you just have to pay standard rates. Whether you choose to take a call plan or not, line rental is compulsory and varies considerably depending on your location and contract length.

You can also boost your ADSL upload speed for an extra charge of around £10 per month. The option to take broadband on a one-month contract is unique in the business market, however you’ll pay for the privilege with a steep set-up cost and a higher monthly fee. All this demonstrates that the Plusnet business plans appear to be budget-friendly but can soon increase in cost as you add on essential extras.

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