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Plusnet unlimited business fibre broadband review

This is the fastest fibre optic business broadband package available from Plusnet. It comes with a choice of call plans, a static IP and a decent upload speed. It’s also fairly reasonably priced, but is it any good?

With pricing structure dependent on location, there are some things to watch out for here. The key, as with so many business broadband packages, is in the detail of traffic management, technical support, usage limits and overall value for money.

Cable.co.uk overall rating

A fast, unlimited and reasonably cheap business broadband package. The technical support is adequate, there’s a good choice of call plans and the small amount of extras are useful. Those looking for fast fibre optic broadband on a budget would do well here.

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Speed & usage



This is the fastest package available from Plusnet, and it should be quick enough to keep most businesses with a moderate thirst for internet connected. Simple tasks, like sending emails and browsing the web, should not pose a problem, and neither should more strenuous processes, such as downloading large files or supporting a number of Wi-Fi enabled devices. With the fast download speed comes a far more useable upload stream, which will come in handy for sending large files and using VoIP services.

Unlike some other fibre optic packages from Plusnet, there is no usage limit with this deal, which is a huge bonus and stops you from having to keep an eye on how much you’re downloading. Despite this, Plusnet does have a traffic management policy, which will give more bandwidth to certain applications, such as VoIP and browsing, and less to download sites and peer-to-peer sharing. Even so, this package should be enough to cope with the majority of activities. This package is also available with a 50GB data allowance.

Advertised download speed 76Mbps
Average downloads (off-peak) 54.8Mbps – 58.1Mbps
Average downloads (peak) 53.8Mbps – 57.1Mbps
Advertised upload speed 19Mbps
Monthly usage limit Yes
Traffic management No
Static IP Yes
Minimum contract One month, 12 Months, 24 months
Router Plusnet Hub One
Public wi-fi No
Prices from £30.50

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What you can do with it



The ‘Actual’ speeds are those reported by Ofcom.

Technical support



Technical support is important to most businesses that rely on their internet connection. Plusnet offers round-the-clock technical support, which provides help should things come unstuck at your end.

If you want a further safety net, then you can opt for Plusnet’s Enhanced Care for an additional £8.50 a month. This will prioritise any fault you raise with the Business Support Team and ensure that your issue will be fixed within 24 hours, including any out-of-hours repair work if necessary. Having assurances that your interests are being looked after is essential for businesses that live or die by their internet connection, and Plusnet has gone some way to ensuring their customers are well supported at all times.




It is possible to buy this package without a phone plan, although it’s probably in your best interest to purchase it with a plan as it’s cheaper. If you do go for the broadband deal with a phone, you'll pay line rental at £12.50 per month and start out with a pay-as-you-go call plan, which can be upgraded to one of three packages. The UK Anytime plan gives you free calls to all UK landlines, and the UK Anytime, Mobile and International 500 gives you free calls to UK landlines as well as 500 minutes to UK and US mobiles and landlines, and top 20 international destinations. There is also a UK Anytime, Mobile and International 1000, which offers the same as the 500 but with twice the mobile and international minutes.

You also have the option of a static IP address, two free .co.uk web domains and 500Mb of internet space, which is handy if you’re thinking of launching your own website. There are also a number of additional call features, such as call divert and ringback, which can be added individually or in a money-saving bundle. You can also purchase a Prioritised Service pack, which gives you a faster upload speed – useful if your business relies on VoIP services.

Value for money



Plusnet has, quite rightly, garnered a reputation for being a cheap broadband provider, and it doesn’t disappoint. The price you pay will alter, depending on whether you opt for a 12- or 24-month contract.

One thing that’s worth remembering with Plusnet is that the price you pay is based upon the level of competition in your area. If your business is located in a more rural area, you can expect to pay than you would if you’re in the middle of the city. Despite this, Plusnet’s prices are still low when compared to its competition; those trying to trim a few pounds from their business's communication budget could do much worse than this package.

  • Broadband
    Max download speed76Mb
    Max upload speed19Mb
    Monthly usageUnlimited
    Pricing & Contract
    Set-up cost£4.99
    Contract length24 months
    First year cost £370.99

    per month
    includes line rental

Equipment & installation



As part of the package you’ll receive the Plusnet Hub One router. It uses dual-band technology and will offer the best available speed wirelessly to all your devices, especially if they are some distance away. The router also features four Ethernet ports, so you can connect computers to it with Ethernet wires, and this will provider a crisper connection.

When you sign up for the package, you’ll have the choice of a morning or afternoon slot. The installation will take between three and four hours and you’ll need to be present when the engineer calls.

Plusnet Hub One Router

Overall Rating


This is a fast, unlimited and well-priced package, with some handy extras, a range of call plans and good technical support. If you’re in the low price areas, have access to a better router and choose the longer contract you’ll be looking at a great value business package. However, if you want something more substantial you might be better off going elsewhere.

Get Plusnet unlimited business fibre broadband

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