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Sky Broadband 12GB review

Friday, August 12th 2016

Launched in July 2016 to replace Sky Broadband Lite, Sky’s Broadband 12GB package is a capped, standard broadband connection only available to Sky TV customers. It's free for the first 12 months before rising to £5 per month and comes with a 12GB monthly data allowance.

We’ve taken a long look at what the package offers to see whether it’s worth adding to your TV deal, or if you would be better off paying a bit more for an unlimited broadband package.

Cable.co.uk overall rating

Sky Broadband 12GB is ideal if you’re a Sky TV customer who only occasionally uses the internet. A 12GB usage limit is ideal for browsing, shopping and sending emails, but if you stream videos and download large videogames you’d be better off with an unlimited package. It’s also worth being aware that the package is only free for 12 months – after that it’ll cost you £5 per month.

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Speed & usage



Sky advertises that the speed you will receive from the Sky Broadband 12GB deal is up to 17Mbps, which is common for standard broadband, so depending on your area and the time of day, in reality you are likely to see between 8–11Mbps. The more pressing issue here is the 12GB data allowance and what happens when you crash into it.

A 12GB usage limit is not the smallest usage limit we’ve ever seen (and it’s far better than the 2GB limit which featured on Sky Broadband Lite, the package this replaces), but it may still be too small for certain users. Those with a household full of streamers, gamers and Netflix-obsessives with an electronics store’s worth of web-enabled gadgets will smash into the 12GB limit pretty quickly – this package is simply not for you. If you have a casual approach to online life, sending emails, online shopping and watching the occasional Youtube video, the 12GB usage limit will suffice. One word of caution, if you go over your usage cap more than once in any six-month period you will either be charged “fair and reasonable costs for your usage (and any reasonable administration costs) in excess of your usage cap”, or Sky will automatically upgrade you to a broadband package with a higher usage allowance, which you will have to pay for.

Advertised download speed Up to 17Mbps
Average downloads (off-peak) 8.7Mbps – 10.4Mbps
Average downloads (peak) 8.6Mbps – 10.3Mbps
Advertised upload speed Up to 1.3Mbps
Monthly usage 12GB
Traffic management No
Static IP No
Minimum contract 12 months
Router Sky Hub
Public wi-fi No
Available with TV Get Sky TV

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What you can do with it



The ‘Actual’ speeds are those reported by Ofcom.

Call plan



To add Sky Broadband 12GB to your TV package, you’ll need to pay a monthly fee inclusive of line rental to activate your phone line and the complimentary broadband service. The package no longer features any free calls; a pay-as-you-go call plan is included instead that charges 9.5p and 12.7p per minute for calls to UK landlines and mobiles respectively. Visit the Sky website for prices to call international and premium rate numbers.

Alternatively, you can pay extra for a call plan to suit when and where you call most often. Choose from Evening and Weekends Extra (+£4), Anytime Extra (which is currently free) and International Extra (+£12), for inclusive landline and mobile calls for up to an hour. Some call features are included as standard, whereas others can be added for an additional cost.




The Sky Broadband 12GB package does come with some extra features, but not quite as many as with more advanced Sky broadband deals. As a Sky Broadband 12GB customer, you will receive online and telephone technical support, which is a great safety net for those not as technically-minded as others.

In addition you will receive a three-month trial of McAfee Internet Security Suite, which helps protect against online threats like malicious software, and also access to Sky Broadband Shield, which blocks unsuitable content. Unfortunately, you don’t get access to the 20,000+ wi-fi hotspots dotted around the UK, a feature that’s available on the other Sky broadband offers.

It’s difficult to whinge about the value of a free Sky broadband and phone package, but it’s only really free in the sense that it’s included with a TV bundle that requires you to pay a fee each month. The usage cap is going to put a lot of people off, but if you’re not a particularly voracious internet user, this may be the ideal solution.

It is worth pointing out that the 12GB package only has a year-long shelf life. After the first 12 months you’ll be charged £5 per month for the package, which decreases its value by some way. We would advise speaking to Sky to upgrade to an unlimited package at that point, or switching your broadband completely, as you can usually find a great broadband deal for about the same price without a usage limit.

  • Broadband
    Max download speed17Mb
    Max upload speed1.3Mb
    Monthly usageUnlimited
    Digital TV
    TV channels370
    SD channels359
    HD channels11
    Home Phone
    Daytime calls9.50ppm
    Evening calls9.50ppm
    Weekend calls9.50ppm
    Pricing & Contract
    Set-up cost£39.95
    Contract length18 months
    First year cost £519.95

    per month
    includes line rental

    0800 840 5394 0203 151 2395

The Sky broadband router is called the Sky Hub and is available to all new Sky Broadband customers with only a small delivery charge. The Sky Hub will make it possible to connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices to the internet. This new hub constantly scans for interference in the home and selects the best wireless channel to use, which should mean you get an undisturbed connection.

Setting up your broadband connection should be a fairly simple affair. Sky’s website has a number of articles to make it as easy and straightforward as possible – you can even track your order online so you can count down the days until it arrives.

Sky Router

Overall Rating


It's likely that you’ll already have decided whether Sky Broadband 12GB is for you or not at the very top of this review. A 12GB download limit is sufficient for browsing and sending emails, but streamers and those who download large videogames should look for an unlimited broadband package.

It’s safe to say that you’ll struggle to find a better value capped broadband package (what’s better than free?), and we have faith in Sky’s broadband service especially since it was recognised as having the best overall customer service satisfaction level according to an Ofcom report published in January 2016. We say: if you’re a Sky TV customer, and you’re not likely to use more than 12GB in a month, this is the package for you.

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