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Sky Fibre Max broadband review

Wednesday, November 4th 2015

As the fastest fibre optic broadband available on offer from Sky, Sky Fibre Max has download speeds of up to 76Mbps with unlimited usage, so you can download your favourite music playlists, online games and stream movies in no time at all.

Sky's top speed fibre service is well priced – you get quite a lot for your money. But is it the right choice for you? Our review will help you decide.

Cable.co.uk overall rating

Sky Fibre Max offers a speed of 76Mbps and unlimited usage, which is good for those who love to browse, stream and download. The only downside is the relatively high price, meaning you may want to shop around if budget is a concern.

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Speed & usage



Improved download and upload speed, that’s what Sky Fibre Max is all about.

Although Sky Fibre Max doesn’t offer the fastest speed on the market, the download speed of up to 76Mbps is quite impressive. This plan allows you to stream videos and films without any hassle. So no need to wait for the latest blockbuster movie or music album to download – just click and enjoy.

The Sky advertised upload speed is 19Mbps, which is as quick as it currently gets, easily enough to upload pictures and videos on social networks like Facebook, or for gaming and moderate file sharing applications. Start clicking and get sharing.

With Sky Fibre Max you get limitless usage, so you can download as much as you like, without any worries. You won’t be charged extra.

Advertised download speed Up to 76Mbps
Average downloads (off-peak) Not Available *
Average downloads (peak) Not Available *
Advertised upload speed Up to 19Mbps
Monthly usage limit No
Traffic management No
Static IP Yes
Minimum contract 18 months
Router Sky Hub
Public wi-fi Yes
Prices from £43.99 per month

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What you can do with it



*Average speeds for Sky fibre unlimited pro broadband not available from Ofcom at this time.

Call plan



This fibre broadband package used to come with an inclusive call plan but alas not anymore. You’ll get Sky’s pay-as-you-talk plan as standard now, which charges for each call you make at a rate of 9.5p per minute to UK landlines and 12.7p per minute to UK mobiles. The cost of calling premium rate numbers and abroad varies, see the full list of rates here.

Alternatively, you can add a call plan to your package for an additional monthly fee. The choices include Evening and Weekends Extra (+£4), Anytime Extra (+£8) and International Extra (+£12), featuring inclusive landline and mobile calls for up to an hour. If you want to talk longer, you’re advised to hang up and redial to avoid being charged Sky’s standard call rates. Line rental is included in all Sky's advertised prices.




There are many bonuses offered with the package, including the Sky Broadband Shield. This is a useful parental control tool, ideal for a family household. You can filter what content is visible in your home through your broadband, and even customise privacy settings into age categories. It will also block unsuitable content, keeping children safe online.

Customers with Sky Fibre Unlimited broadband also get access to thousands of wi-fi Cloud hotspots around the country. So you can surf the net on your smartphone, laptop or tablet, wherever you are. Sky TV customers can also watch TV with Sky Go, as long as there is a sufficiently fast connection available.

You can also request a free static IP address, useful if you want to host your own server or website, or even run CCTV off your network, should you want some extra security at home.

For further reassurance, this package comes with a dedicated specialist support team, on call from 7am–11pm seven days a week, so you should never be stuck for long if things go wrong.

Although Sky broadband packages are generally good value for money, Sky Fibre Max is well-priced compared to similar deals from rival broadband providers. And, by having truly unlimited usage, it works out good value for large households who multi-task online, streaming films, playing online games and downloading lots of music across several devices.

If speed isn’t an issue or you’re not on the internet every day, cheaper options such as Sky Fibre or Sky Broadband Unlimited might be more suitable. Sky Fibre Max runs on a 12-month contract and you’ll pay a monthly fee of £43.99 per month, which includes line rental but no calls. There is also an upfront cost, which is a one-off-fee of £59.95.

The Sky Hub router is available to all Sky Broadband customers, which provides you with the power of wi-fi throughout your home. It is compatible with smartphones, laptops, and tablets and is easy to set up. If you have any problems, you can visit the Sky website for more information.

For existing Sky+HD TV customers, the Sky Hub will open a whole new world of entertainment with On Demand. You’ll have access to programmes from up to 60 channels, so you can catch the shows you've missed.

The Hub also scans for interference in your home, making sure you get the best wi-fi signal. With a better signal, you can Facebook, Tweet, check the news or even shop, anywhere in the house.

Sky Home Hub Router

Overall Rating


Sky Fibre Max does satisfy customer needs and offers an excellent package all round. The download speed is impressive, and the unlimited usage is a bonus for movie buffs and music lovers who enjoy downloading. But if you are just looking for a fast fibre deal, you would probably find something cheaper elsewhere.

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