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Talkmobile reviews

Talkmobile is a budget mobile provider. It offers SIM-only and pay-as-you-go plans, both of which work in your existing smartphone. If you need a new handset, there is a small selection of phones to choose from, all of which come on pay monthly contracts.

But while plans are relatively cheap, they aren’t faultless. Allowances (how many minutes, texts, or mobile data you can use in a month) are low, and the charges for exceeding them are high. There are no 4G plans either (for fast mobile internet) and coverage can be patchy in some areas. Here’s what you need to know…

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Talkmobile SIM-only



Talkmobile SIM-only

About Talkmobile

Talkmobile is owned by Vodafone and piggybacks on the provider's 3G network. As a budget provider, its prices are low (at least when compared to the competition) and it offers a range of low-cost mobiles on 24-month contracts.

Payment options

Three types of plan are available: pay-as-you-go, SIM-only, and pay monthly. The pay-as-you-go plans are basic, and all calls and texts are charged at the standard rates. This costs 10p connection charge per call then free up to 60 minutes, 4p for every text you send, and 2p for every megabyte (MB) of mobile data used.

The SIM-only plans come with allowances for minutes, calls, and texts. You use these within 30 days, and they renew when the next 30-day period begins. If you use all your inclusive minutes, texts, and data, and continue to use these services beyond the prescribed allowance, you’ll be charged the standard rates.

Budget handsets are available

With pay monthly, you choose a mobile handset (such as a Samsung Galaxy or an iPhone, or one of a selection of budget handsets available) and pay a fixed monthly cost. You may also have to pay an up-front fee. All Talkmobile pay monthly plans require a 24-month contract. Once this period ends you can leave without penalty, or take a Talkmobile upgrade and begin a new contract.


Vodafone provides the underlying network that carries Talkmobile’s calls, texts, and internet data. This results in coverage for 87% of UK businesses and homes. Blackspots (areas without coverage) are fairly common, so before you choose a Talkmobile SIM, use this coverage checker to see if you’ll be covered.


While Talkmobile is carried on Vodafone, its mobile internet speed is unlikely to be as fast as the parent network. Your mobile internet speed affects how long it takes to load webpages, video, or to download apps to your smartphone. Talkmobile doesn’t give any official information about its speed , but it’s likely to be slower than Vodafone’s average speed (6.7Mbps).

There are no 4G plans

All Talkmobile deals are 3G. Both 4G and 3G relate to mobile internet speed. With a 4G plan, webpages will load faster, and it will take less time to download applications than it would on a 3G plan. If you want a 4G plan, you’ll have to look at other providers, such as EE or Vodafone.


Extra features are thin on the ground with Talkmobile. One such extra is the ability to receive your monthly mobile bill on your handset, via a text message. Another is the facility to check your current bill online, along with bills from the previous six months.

If the price increases you can leave early

You can leave early, without penalty, if you’re on a six-month contract or 12-month contract and Talkmobile increases how much you have to pay. You have a 30-day window in which to cancel.

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