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Talkmobile SIM-only review

Talkmobile is part of the Vodafone family, and uses Vodafone’s network to carry its calls, texts, and mobile data. Previously Talkmobile was part of Carphone Warehouse, however it is now operating as an independent mobile provider.

Talkmobile has several SIM-only plans aimed at the budget-conscious, available on 12-month and one-month contracts. But allowances are small, and exceeding them will result in extra charges.

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Talkmobile deals are some of the cheapest in the UK. However, coverage may be an issue, allowances are low, there are no extra features, and you can find mobile plans elsewhere with greater allowances for the same price.

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Coverage & data speed



Talkmobile piggybacks on the Vodafone network, which provides mobile internet coverage to 96% of UK homes. Vodafone’s coverage is inferior to that of the other three major UK mobile networks.

This means you are more likely to encounter blackspots (areas without coverage) with Talkmobile than you are with providers on other networks. This coverage map will tell you if you’re covered.

Data speed affects how long it takes websites, videos, and music to load on your smartphone. Talkmobile doesn’t provide an estimate of the download speed you can expect on its plans. However, it’s unlikely to be as fast as Vodafone’s average 3G speed (7Mbps).

3G coverage
4G coverage
Average 3G speed*
Not available
Average 4G speed*
Call allowance
50 - 2500 minutes
Text allowance
5000 texts
Data allowance
100MB - 15GB
Minimum contract
30 days
Prices from
3G coverage 96%
4G coverage N/A
Average 3G speed* Not available
Average 4G speed* N/A
Call allowance 50 - 2500 minutes
Text allowance 5000 texts
Data allowance 100MB - 15GB
Minimum contract 30 days
Prices from £5 per month

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Data usage



The size of your data allowance affects how much you can do online with your smartphone. Most people will use around 1.3GB of data per month. If your mobile data allowance is less than this, you may struggle to stay within your limit, and could be charged for excess use. The highest amount of data offered by Talkmobile is 15GB, which should be ample for most users. If you do run out of data, you are charged 10p per megabyte (MB). While this looks cheap, the excess charges soon add up, especially if your smartphone automatically downloads software updates.

Some Talkmobile customers have been hit with large data bills for passing their monthly limit (which often occurred without their knowledge) and have had difficulty getting help from Talkmobile’s customer service. If you think this might be an issue, you can read more about it here.

Calls & texts



Talkmobile SIMs come with a set allowance of inclusive minutes and texts. Any calls or text messages sent within these allowances will be free of charge (UK landlines and mobile only). Calls are free for 60 minutes. If you go beyond this, and continue chatting, you will be charged the standard rate per minute. This costs either 40p or 30p, depending which tariff you have. To avoid having to pay, you can hang up and redial. The 60-minute window begins afresh every time you make a call.

Call allowances on Talkmobile are limited. The largest allowance gives 2500 inclusive minutes. This may be too few for some users. The 5000 text allowance is standard across all packages. There are no unlimited options for either minutes or texts.

Extra features



Talkmobile doesn’t include any extra features with its plans. This is largely due to it being a ‘budget’ provider. Nevertheless, there are a few features that, at a push, could be considered extras.

If you experience any issues with your SIM plan you can contact one of Talkmobile's Help Teams. You can also contact Talkmobile by talking to an advisor online via webchat. According to Talkmobile, the advisor should be able to solve your issue without transferring you to different departments

Another extra is the ability to receive your Talkmobile bill via a text message. You can also check your last six bills online through the Talkmobile website (though almost all providers offer this as standard).

Value for money



Talkmobile is a budget provider, so prices are low. However, while the plans are cheap, it doesn’t necessarily follow that they’re good value for money.

The cheapest plan is £5 per month. It comes with 100 minutes, 5,000 texts, and 100MB of mobile data. This is barely enough for infrequent use, and carries a risk of overshooting your allowances. If you do, you’ll be saddled with charges for additional usage. For around the same price, you can find plans from other providers that offer far greater allowances.

The most expensive plan, at £10 per month, comes with 3,000 minutes, 5,000 texts, and 2GB of data. Again, as with the cheapest option, you can get far more for the same price from other providers – often with the addition of extra features.

Contract lengths vary between plans. Some come on 12-month contracts, others on 30 day contracts. There isn’t much difference in price between lengths, so, if possible, choose the one-month options. This way you can cancel whenever you wish without incurring cancellation fees.

Overall Rating


Talkmobile has some of the cheapest mobile plans in the UK. However, the minimal allowances undermine any great advantage that the low prices might suggest. After all, if you go over your limits you’ll be charged Talkmobile’s standard rates, which may result in a large monthly bill, thereby lessening any financial advantage offered by a cheap plan.

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