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TalkTalk business broadband reviews

TalkTalk is one of the largest business broadband providers in the UK, offering a collection of standard and fibre services to suit many different firms. Prices are competitive, and network security and technical support are included in every plan as standard.

That’s the good stuff, but TalkTalk is far from perfect and some businesses will find the basic plans far too limited for their needs. We review every service to help you decide if TalkTalk is the right business broadband solution for your company.

All TalkTalk business broadband packages

TalkTalk Complete Business broadband



TalkTalk Complete Business broadband
TalkTalk Simply Business Superpowered Fibre



TalkTalk Simply Business Superpowered Fibre
TalkTalk Complete Business Superpowered Fibre



TalkTalk Complete Business Superpowered Fibre
TalkTalk Simply Business broadband review



TalkTalk Simply Business broadband review

About TalkTalk business broadband

Low price and totally unlimited usage are the big selling points of TalkTalk business broadband, with plans starting from just £4 per month (plus line rental), which is ideal for businesses looking to trim their overheads. The features you’d expect from a business broadband service like security and technical support are included with all plans, with additional static IPs, inclusive call plans and faster fibre services available if you’re prepared to pay more.

The choice of 12- and 24-month contract lengths is also useful for those who want to try it out for a year before committing long term. Business broadband is available on its own if you don’t need a calls package, but line rental is charged anyway as an active phone line is required to deliver all TalkTalk business broadband services.

Technical support

Efficient technical support and reliable security is what differentiates business from residential broadband, and TalkTalk’s WorkSafe service offers that all-important peace of mind. It is a network-level security solution, which means all devices using your internet connection will automatically be filtered and protected from security threats and internet misuse.

Another boon is that there’s no limit to the number of devices that can be linked up to your WorkSafe network, and it can be managed easily through your online TalkTalk account. Technical support is available seven days a week, from 8am to 8pm at a UK-based call centre, and TalkTalk has a live ‘health check’ service on its website to scan for problems on your line.


TalkTalk uses BT’s infrastructure to deliver its standard and fibre broadband, so availability is on a par with BT and pretty widespread across the country. Discover which TalkTalk business services are on offer in your area by entering your postcode into the availability checker below.

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TalkTalk offers two speed levels – up to 17Mbps for standard broadband and up to 76Mbps for fibre broadband – which are about average for the business broadband market. The corresponding upload speeds are 1Mbps and 20Mbps. Apart from the achingly slow 1Mbps, these speeds are generally adequate for most small- to medium-sized businesses and activities, such as email, online research, using website content management systems, cloud storage and Voice over Internet Protocol calling services (such as Skype).

However, if your business is growing, even the faster fibre service will start to slow down eventually as more devices connect and use the same line simultaneously. Unfortunately, there’s no Ofcom data available to confirm how TalkTalk’s business broadband speeds fare in practice and how they compare to the advertised rates.


TalkTalk offers some valuable features for a cheap business broadband and phone provider. There are two packages to choose from – Basic and Complete. As you’d expect, Basic is just that, pretty cheap and cheerful with no inclusive call package. However, it still offers one static IP address, WorkSafe and seven-day technical support, alongside unlimited usage as standard.

The Complete plan includes more features, namely four static IP addresses, unlimited landline and mobile calls and a free moving service if you move business premises. New customers and existing customers can upgrade to fibre for an extra £15 per month to improve speed with either package. The extra features and low price make TalkTalk business broadband compare very favourably to the competition, including its biggest rival BT.

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