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Tesco broadband reviews

Update: Tesco broadband and phone services are no longer available. If you are looking for cheap broadband, visit our comparison page. Tesco broadband was the telecommunications arm of the popular supermarket. TalkTalk recently took over the business.

There’s more to the provider than supermarket bonuses. Unlike most budget providers, Tesco’s broadband products come with several extra features. So if you’re looking for a cheap broadband service that doesn’t scrimp on extras, Tesco broadband could be just the ticket.

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Tesco Unlimited Broadband



Tesco Unlimited Broadband

About Tesco broadband

Tesco broadband is a budget provider with a small selection of cheap packages that was established back in 2004. It doesn’t offer any television services, but it does offer mobile. It used to rely entirely on standard broadband to bring internet access to your home, but has recently started providing fibre broadband to select areas. Tesco broadband has been purchased by TalkTalk, and, if you buy Tesco today, you'll essentially be buying from TalkTalk.


Home broadband from Tesco doesn’t come by itself – it also comes bundled with a call package. The default call package is rather basic, charging you for any and all calls made from your landline (except for those to other Tesco broadband users, which are free). You can upgrade this to an Anytime Call Plan. This gives you free calls to UK landlines all day, every day, making it perfect for those who use their landline regularly.


Tesco broadband is a standard broadband and fibre broadband service. Its standard option is available to the majority of UK households, but its fibre service is limited. To see if it’s available where you are, enter your postcode in the box below.

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Tesco phone and standard broadband packages have a download speed of up to 16Mbps. This might seem slow, especially when compared against the faster speeds of Virgin Media and fibre optic broadband. But you may be surprised to find that 16Mbps is easily fast enough for the majority of online activities, from surfing the web, checking emails, updating Facebook, to downloading music and TV shows. For more demanding households, Tesco offers fibre optic broadband. This has a download speed of up to 38Mbps, and is useful for when several people are using the same connection at once.

Download music to your mobile with the wireless router

Tesco supplies a wireless broadband router with its broadband plans. This means you can connect all your mobile devices to the internet and take advantage of the great speed and unlimited usage that comes with Tesco broadband. You can even connect your smartphone to the router to upload all your favourite photographs to Facebook and Instagram.


Unlike many budget packages, Tesco broadband deals come with a healthy amount of extra features. Tesco Internet Security is one such extra. It’s easy to install and protects your home computer against all sorts of online bad guys, from viruses, spyware and malware to Trojans, and it also helps keep your personal information safe when you’re browsing. For Tesco broadband support, customers will be happy to know that all Tesco broadband call centres are located in the UK.

Free calls to Tesco broadband customers

Another great plus point comes with the Tesco phone plan. Any call made to another Tesco broadband and phone customer will be entirely free. If you love to keep in touch with friends and family, this can be an ideal money-saving solution.

Save Clubcard points with Tesco broadband

Loyal Tesco shoppers who sign up for Tesco broadband will regularly receive Clubcard points to spend in store and online. This is a great little benefit, and may be reason alone for many to join the budget provider, as Clubcard points can be spent on everything from food to petrol.

Broadband is truly unlimited

Usage limits – caps on what you can do online – can be frustrating. With Tesco broadband, they aren’t a problem; all Tesco broadband deals are unlimited, with no usage limits whatsoever, so you’ll never be charged for overuse. But while usage isn’t capped, traffic is managed. Tesco is very transparent about the types of services that it slows down during peak times (hours of high usage). The only activities that are slowed are peer-to-peer file sharing, newsgroups, and software updates and downloads.

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