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Tooway broadband reviews

Tooway delivers broadband where other providers can’t reach. It’s ideal for rural residents who are wrestling with achingly slow connections but remain isolated from the nationwide fibre broadband rollout plans.

If you can have a satellite receiver installed on your property, you can almost certainly get satellite broadband, and you don’t need a phone line. However, Tooway satellite broadband doesn’t come cheap, and set-up costs can be particularly expensive. But it’s a cost worth paying for many people to get a decent broadband speed.

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Tooway M satellite broadband

About Tooway broadband

Tooway is one of several satellite broadband providers in the UK. By installing a satellite receiver on your property, Tooway is able to deliver a broadband connection through satellite signals wherever you live, which alleviates the need for a phone line and underground cables.

Download speeds can reach 22Mbps, which will feel lightning fast to people struggling to get over 1Mbps with standard broadband due to living so far from their nearest exchange. Monthly usage limits range from a miniscule 2GB to a weighty 100GB, and there are no truly unlimited options.


Tooway is a broadband-only provider, with no option to add a home phone plan or TV service. This is a plus if you are looking for broadband without line rental. If you do want these services, you’ll need to install a phone line or consider using a Voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) provider like Skype or Vonage, and a separate TV package like Sky or Virgin Media.

The costs can stack up quickly, as Tooway is pretty expensive compared to standard and fibre broadband plans. The set-up costs are particularly high if you buy the satellite equipment outright, and can run into the hundreds of pounds. There are options to cut the cost by renting the gear and installing it yourself.


Tooway satellite broadband is available to any property that can have a satellite dish installed with an unobstructed view of the southern sky.

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Tooway offers two speed options: 5Mbps and 22Mbps. They’re certainly not the fastest services around but will be a massive improvement on what many rural residents are used to. The higher speed is faster than the UK average broadband speed and ample for most internet activities, including streaming TV and movies, but it’s not ideal for gaming.

This is because satellite broadband has high latency, which is the time lag between carrying out an action and seeing it happen on the screen in real-time activities. It’s a serious drawback for gamers, who need immediate reactions to succeed in first-person shooter games.


Tooway operates differently to mainstream providers, so don’t expect perks like free public wi-fi and inclusive security software. The Fibre Guarantee promises to free you from your contract if fibre optic broadband becomes available in your area. This brings the option to escape the 24-month contract commitment if you take the satellite equipment on loan. You’ll just need to return the equipment at your own cost if you want to leave Tooway and take fibre with another provider instead.

Tooway also operates a ‘refer a neighbour’ scheme, which awards you with one-month free broadband for any one of your neighbours who join Tooway from your recommendation.

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