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Virgin Media Broadband 50 Bundle review

Tuesday, November 17th 2015

The Virgin Media Broadband 50 Bundle is one of many business broadband packages offered by Virgin Media and, with an unlimited fibre broadband connection and an inclusive call plan, it’s probably the most useful.

Virgin has really tuned into what modern businesses want from their broadband. With multiple static IPs, a wireless router and a call plan that comes with inclusive international calls, this might be the one for you.

Cable.co.uk overall rating

It’s not the cheapest business broadband deal out there, but Virgin’s Broadband 50 Bundle is fast, unlimited, loaded with extras and comes with a great call plan. It’s ideal for small to medium size businesses with a need for a solid broadband and phone connection.

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Speed & usage



Despite this being the slowest package offered by Virgin Media, the Broadband 50 Bundle is fast enough to cope with the demands of most small to medium businesses.

Its advertised speed is 50Mb, which is fast enough to connect dozens of computers, tablets and phones for browsing the internet, sending emails with large attachments and downloading new software.

This package comes with a 5Mb upload speed, which is enough to send files, use cloud-based storage services and talk over Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) software like Skype.

The package is unlimited, so you won’t run into any nasty usage caps, but Virgin does operate a traffic management system on uploads. Thankfully, this operates outside business hours so it doesn’t affect most companies.

Advertised download speed Up to 50Mb
Average downloads (off-peak) 49.4Mb – 51.6Mb
Average downloads (peak) 44.6Mb – 49.1Mb
Advertised upload speed Up to 5Mb
Monthly usage limit No
Traffic management Yes (on uploads)
Static IP Yes
Minimum contract 24 months
Router Super Hub
Public wi-fi Yes, London Underground only
Prices from From £15 per month

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What you can do with it



The ‘Actual’ speeds are those reported by Ofcom.

Having things go a bit awry with your broadband at home is annoying. Having your business broadband connection go a bit awry can cost you money. Thankfully, Virgin has put a few measures in place to minimise any potential problems.

You receive a named contact when your broadband is being installed so you’ve got someone to call if it’s not going as planned. You’ll also receive a courtesy call once the installation has finished to make sure everything’s running smoothly.

Virgin has included a decent support package for its business broadband customers. It has a 24-hour telephone support service, which can help resolve any issues you may be having.

It also offers a managed firewall service, protecting your network from viruses, and tailoring your security services to your company’s specific requirements.




The Broadband 50 Bundle comes with unlimited calls to local, regional and national numbers. It also comes with free calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers, mobiles and 24 international destinations.

This is a huge boon for businesses that make as many calls as they do send emails, especially to overseas contacts and clients. Your call plan comes with some handy call features too, including voicemail, call restrictions and caller ID, just to sweeten the deal.

If you have employees that spend time away from the office, you can set them up with a 4G SIM as part of your package as well. These SIM deals come with unlimited minutes and texts and up to 16GB of data, all carried over EE’s 4G network.

The package also comes with static IP addresses on request. These are useful if you want to set up your own email client or website. Also, if your business is based in London, mobile users will be able to access Virgin’s public wi-fi hotspots on the London Underground.

This isn’t the cheapest way to get fibre optic broadband pumped into your office but, thanks to its call plan and extra features, value is made up elsewhere.

Without adding any extras this package will set you back £15 a month – that gives you the phone line and the 50Mb broadband connection. Installation costs £50.

You can choose to include some extras when you build your bundle. You can add up to 10 additional phone lines for an extra monthly fee. You can also add a number of additional call features, such as caller display, 3-way calling and anonymous call reject, that don’t come included with the package.

Up to 13 extra static IPs are also on offer for another additional monthly charge.

This package comes with the Virgin Media Super Hub, the same router as Virgin’s domestic customers receive. Don’t let that put you off though; the Super Hub is one of the best wireless routers out there (of those provided by broadband companies).

The dual band Super Hub has wireless ‘N’ technology, which helps it provide a clear, strong signal, allowing you to connect a number of devices wirelessly. The Super Hub is free to business broadband customers and you don’t have to pay for delivery.

Installation will set you back £50, and you’ll be given a named contact during the whole process, plus a courtesy call to see how you’re getting on after you’re up and running.

Virgin Media Super Hub Router

Overall Rating


This is a solid fibre optic broadband package for a business that wants a fast connection and an inclusive phone line. It’s not the cheapest business broadband package around, but it does come with some handy extras, like the 24-hour support and the static IP addresses.

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