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Virgin Media broadband reviews

Virgin Media has become a major player in the broadband market since it launched in 2006. To the delight of new customers, who enjoy and appreciate the fastest widely available download speeds in the UK, it continues to roll out its fibre broadband without pause.

But it's still not available everywhere, and although festooned with one great deal after another, Virgin Media is not considered a budget provider. Instead, it's focused on quality and speed. If you're prepared to pay more than the bare minimum, Virgin Media broadband may be exactly what you're looking for.

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Virgin Media student broadband

About Virgin Media broadband

Quality and choice define Virgin Media. Its broadband packages can be linked with home phone, TV or mobile SIM deals, or if you want a more complete experience, you can have either three or four of those services in one Big Bundle.

Virgin proudly claims to provide the fastest widely available broadband in the UK, offering speeds of 100Mb, 200Mb and 300Mb, so you’ll never be lagging behind the neighbours when it comes to downloading. Virgin will also send you its Hub 3.0 router, which is regarded as one of the best wi-fi routers on the market.


If you do opt for one of the TV and broadband bundles, you’ll get a choice of TV packages to suit your viewing habits, from the entry Player bundle with 70+ channels, to the gargantuan VIP with over 245 channels, full access to Sky Sports and Cinema, and a wealth of HD content. Virgin offers TV on demand, multi-room and TV Anywhere services too, so you’ll never miss your favourite shows.

Virgin Media is the only provider offering broadband as a standalone product, so if you’re just interested in a speedy connection, you can go with one of Virgin's broadband-only packages.


Virgin Media’s fibre optic rollout is ongoing, currently covering far less of the UK than BT’s, reaching just over half of all homes. If you are unsure whether Virgin Media is available in your area, you can use this availability checker.

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Virgin Media only offers customers a fibre connection. You can choose from 100Mb, 200Mb or 300Mb, all of which can accommodate anything you’d want to do online from streaming UHD (4K) videos to downloading large files in the blink of an eye.

300Mb is outrageously fast broadband

300Mb is the fastest fibre optic broadband speed widely available in the UK and, while it’s an impressive thing to boast about, chances are you don’t need an internet connection that fast. You’d need to run a bank of 30 TVs, all streaming high-definition content to even come close to taxing a connection this fast.


Virgin Media is a top-end broadband provider and, as such, offers good value for money. You’ll be given access to 24-hour technical help and four helpful apps, including a year’s subscription to F-Secure SAFE, one of the leading security software packages out there.

You’ll also receive access to free public wi-fi on London Underground stations, which is great for capital city commuters on paper, but perhaps not so much when you realise it's not available on the trains themselves.

Virgin has a high standard of customer service

Most importantly, Ofcom (the UK telecoms regulator) has recognised that Virgin Media has the best overall customer satisfaction record in its most recent survey, with 70% customer satisfaction over a sector average of 67%. This is an important factor for many customers and is something we advise you check out before you put any money down with any company: in short, good customer service is worth paying for.

All Virgin Media broadband customers will receive the Hub 3.0 router, which is one of the best wireless routers available from a broadband provider. It allows up to 20 wi-fi enabled devices to connect to it at once, so that’s your mobile phones, laptops, TVs, games consoles and anything else that can wirelessly connect to the internet.

The Hub 3.0 gives a fast, clear signal to your devices

The Hub 3.0 uses dual band technology, working on both the 2.4GHz and the 5GHz frequencies, meaning it can provide a wider range, a higher speed and a cleaner signal for your connection. It also features secure encryption technology meaning your information is safer and, thanks to its four ethernet ports, you can connect wired devices to it as well.

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