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Vodafone Unlimited Fibre 38

Tuesday, November 17th 2015

Vodafone Vodafone Unlimited Fibre 38 is a fresh face on the broadband scene that’s doing its best to stand up alongside the nation’s leading suppliers. It certainly has some standout features and enough flair to pique the interest of prospective subscribers.

But while Vodafone’s name is well known in the mobile market, how does it stand up against the more established providers that are out there?

Cable.co.uk overall rating

There’s quite a lot to like about Vodafone Unlimited Fibre 38. The monthly fee offers great value for money and the no upfront cost makes it an appealing prospect. If you are looking for a well-priced fibre package, Vodafone could well fit the bill.

Speed & usage



A download speed of up to 38Mbps puts Vodafone Unlimited Fibre in league with the entry-level fibre broadband packages offered by providers such as Plusnet, Sky and TalkTalk, giving yet more choice to anyone after a speedy internet connection.

A 38Mbps package is ideal for families and any household in which numerous devices are connected to the internet at once. Vodafone also offers a 76Mbps package called Vodafone Unlimited Fibre 76 for those wanting yet more horsepower, but the 38Mbps connection should be enough for the average user.

As Vodafone’s broadband services have yet to be included in Ofcom’s broadband performance research, we’re unable to comment on the average actual speeds for customers on its 38Mbps package. A personal speed estimate is available to those wanting to sign up, but in practice, asa with any service, actual speeds are likely to vary.

With unlimited usage as standard, users can download as much as they want, whenever they want, without being hit by a usage cap or traffic management. As with all providers, however, you may experience a temporary drop in speed during peak times – such as evenings and weekends – while the network is in higher demand.

Advertised download speed Up to 38Mbps
Average downloads (off-peak) Not available*
Average downloads (peak) Not available*
Advertised upload speed Up to 10Mbps
Monthly usage limit Unlimited
Traffic management No
Static IP No
Minimum contract 18 months
Router Vodafone Connect router
Public wi-fi No
Prices from £20

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What you can do with it



The ‘Actual’ speeds are those reported by Ofcom.

Call plan



Vodafone Broadband customers do not get inclusive evening and weekend calls but they can be bolted on as extras. A standard call charge applies after 60 minutes, but you can always hang up and re-dial to avoid further added costs.

You can add inclusive anytime calls for £8 per month or 300 minutes of international calls for an additional £5 per month. Additional call management features such as call divert and call waiting are available for £2.50 per month.

If you want the caller display feature, it will cost you and extra £1 per month. A standard voicemail service that stores up to 10 messages comes free. If you would like to record your own greeting and store up to 30 messages at a time, you can choose to upgrade to Voicemail Plus for £2.65 per month.




There isn’t a lot on offer in terms of extras when it comes to Vodafone Broadband, but what is available may be of interest to some.

F-Secure provides security and privacy for internet users, protecting up to five of your devices (PCs, Macs, smartphones, tablets and so on) against viruses, malware and other online threats. This popular internet security solution normally costs around £80 for a year’s protection (across five devices), but is available free for six months through the Vodafone Broadband website, and is then half price for a further 12-month subscription.

Vodafone Broadband gives customers an added layer of control with its included content filtering tools. These allow you to prevent access to specific websites and block content categories that you deem to be inappropriate, such as gambling, dating, adult material and so on. The controls are applied across your entire home network, which means that any device connecting to it will be subject to the rules you set.

Collectively, theses extras constitute a solid online security suite, which family users may find particularly appealing.

Vodafone Unlimited Fibre 38 costs £20 per month (including line rental). You can see how it measures up against the competition on our comparison page.

The connection charge for all Vodafone’s fibre packages, for example, is £0 upfront. There is no longer an additional charge for line rental - this is included in the advertised price.

Just be sure to factor in all potential extra costs into the overall expense before you dive into the 18-month contract.

  • Broadband
    Max download speed76Mb
    Max upload speed20Mb
    Monthly usageUnlimited
    Home Phone
    Daytime calls11.50ppm
    Evening calls11.50ppm
    Weekend calls11.50ppm
    Pricing & Contract
    Set-up cost£0
    Contract length18 months
    First year cost £360

    per month
    includes line rental

The Vodafone router is quite a nifty bit of kit that Vodafone is clearly quite proud of. The slim, all-white design is classy and unobtrusive but houses some serious technical specifications.

It has four gigabit Ethernet ports to deliver superior speeds to a wired home network, which should make sharing files between devices quick and efficient. Its wireless (wi-fi) specification (802.11ac) is capable of supporting several devices at once without compromising on speed, while its Beamforming technology allows it to transmit a stronger, directional signal for the devices that are actually using it.

A clever companion app available to iOS and Android devices gives Vodafone Broadband customers a set of easy-to-use controls for the router, allowing them to prioritise devices that need a boost in speed and create guest wi-fi so visitors can get online without you having to disclose your main network password.

If you already have an Openreach line, installation is a DIY job. Vodafone will post the router to you (p&p costs £6.99) which you simply plug in at the mains and connect it to your master phone socket. If you don’t have an Openreach line, one will need to be installed at your property by an engineer - this will cost 60.

Vodafone Connect Router

Overall Rating


Vodafone Unlimited Fibre 38 is a good all-rounder at this price point. The above-average router bolsters this 38Mbps package, but would-be buyers should dig a little deeper and compare it with rival packages to ensure that it’s the best deal for them.

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