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Teens four times more likely to watch video on smartphones than tablets

Friday, May 8th 2015

The Global Digital Landscape report from consumer analysts Nielsen found that 59% of those in their mid teens to early 20s will choose to watch video programmes on smartphones instead of larger...

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UK adults will spend 2.5 hours a day on mobile devices in 2015

Thursday, April 16th 2015

The estimated time of 2 hours 26 minutes with mobile devices is up 27 minutes from 2014 and marks an almost fivefold increase from 2011, when it was just 31 minutes. The figure, part of...

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Sky Store's 'Buy & Keep' movie service opened up to non-customers

Wednesday, April 15th 2015

The service was launched to Sky TV customers in April last year, and now is being extended to non-Sky customers in the UK and Ireland, as well as being available across multiple devices. The Buy &...

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iPhone 6 Plus owners twice as data-hungry as those with standard iPhone 6

Monday, February 23rd 2015

The Mobile Analytics report from software company Citrix, which looks at mobile subscriber data usage in people’s personal and business lives, said that overall mobile data consumption is...

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Netflix is wrong: TV streaming uptake 'never going to be 100%' - expert

Tuesday, December 16th 2014

Oliver Johnson, analyst at Point Topic, said the number of people streaming their entertainment is growing rapidly, and Christmas will see many households using the technology for their festive...

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Nokia boss: Mobile operators will need turbo-charged masts to compete

Monday, December 15th 2014

Mobile edge computing (MEC) will improve the quality of video people can stream on their mobile devices by reducing the amount of data passing between the base station and the main network. The...

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Proposed ‘troll’ laws sound more like election strategy than serious policy

Monday, October 20th 2014

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling’s quotes on the issue refer to a “baying cybermob” spreading “venom”, a choice of language which should be saluted for its moderation and...

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Long road ahead for Samsung's wi-fi ambitions

Wednesday, October 15th 2014

Yesterday the firm announced the development of wi-fi technology that would allow data to be transmitted at speeds of up to 4.6Gbps – five times faster than the maximum 866Mbps possible with...

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Passengers reject in-flight mobile use

Friday, October 3rd 2014

This week, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) authorised airlines to permit calls and the sending and receiving of texts and data. Previously passengers could only use their device before and...

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IFA 2014 - this year's highlights

Friday, September 5th 2014

The consumer electronics industry descended on Berlin for the IFA 2014 conference yesterday, showing off a slew of new gadgets like smartphones, tablets and wearables. While we're only a couple...

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