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Gigaclear uses Clifton Suspension Bridge to bring fibre broadband to rural Bristol

Wednesday, May 2nd 2018

The main objective is to supply more than 53,000 homes and businesses in the area with ultrafast download speeds up to 1,000Mbps (1Gbps). By using the 19th century bridge, it will allow Gigaclear to...

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How to switch between BT and TalkTalk

Tuesday, May 1st 2018

You're either switching for TalkTalk to BT or BT to TalkTalk. Either way, before you set out, we've got some great advice for you to help smooth the journey. However, the packages they...

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Can I keep my email address if I change broadband provider?

Monday, April 30th 2018

It may seem like a small thing to some, but our email accounts are actually really important. They're filled with records of things we've bought and ordered – which is great when disputing things...

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Comber in County Down to get ultrafast broadband from Virgin Media

Friday, April 27th 2018

As part of its Project Lightning network expansion programme, Virgin Media is rolling out fibre broadband to 3,300 homes and businesses in Comber, County Down. Work has already started and the...

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Can I get TalkTalk in my area?

Thursday, April 26th 2018

TalkTalk is one of the biggest telecoms providers in the UK, well known for its low prices, and its broadband, TV and home phone services are widely available across the UK, so you have a good...

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Can I get Sky broadband in my area?

Thursday, April 26th 2018

With over six million existing customers, Sky is one of the largest broadband providers in the UK. It covers 99% of the total population, so it’s a nigh-on certainty that the short answer to this...

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Broadband speeds required for 4K TV, HD and live-streaming, VoIP, Skype and Facetime

Thursday, April 26th 2018

We went and found out exactly what speed broadband connection you're going to need for a wide variety of popular online tasks. 1 0 https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/assets.cable.co.uk/assets/assets/000/000/827/original/4ktv.jpg?1524750468 1 Streaming TV and movies...

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Broadband with bad credit: how to get a good deal regardless of your credit history

Thursday, April 26th 2018

Most people assume credit checks are just for mortgages, loans and credit cards. But they’re not. Most broadband companies also perform a credit check unless you find a way to avoid these checks...

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MP 'delighted' with Gigaclear's West Oxfordshire fibre broadband rollout

Thursday, April 26th 2018

The cables are being laid by Gigaclear, which specialises in rural broadband services. The plan is to connect more than 10,000 homes and businesses across the district to ultrafast broadband by the...

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Should I get 52Mb or 76Mb BT Infinity broadband?

Wednesday, April 25th 2018

BT's fibre broadband essentially offers two options – Infinity 1, clocking in at max speeds of 52Mbps, and the faster Infinity 2, boasting top speeds of 76Mbps. But which of the two packages will...

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