More airline passengers want decent broadband than an in-flight meal

Tuesday, May 24th 2016

A survey of airline customers found that 92% would like to access on-board connectivity, while 54% would prefer it over in-flight meals. The In-Flight Connectivity Survey, carried out by...

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Vodafone drops roaming charges in 40 holiday destinations

Friday, May 6th 2016

The service, launched today, means people can enjoy unlimited calls, texts and picture messages, as well as a 4GB monthly data allowance without extra charge within Vodafone’s inclusive roaming...

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Two thirds 'misled' by fibre broadband advertising, experts compare situation to horsemeat scandal

Thursday, April 21st 2016

This is important, because the speeds available over copper reduce drastically over distance, severely limiting both current speeds and future upgradability. Experts, speaking to,...

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Is the UK's average broadband speed only half what Ofcom says it is?

Wednesday, March 23rd 2016

Akamai’s latest State of the Internet report, which covers the fourth quarter of 2015, found the average broadband speed in the UK is more than double the global average of 5.6Mbps. But 13.9Mbps...

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New destinations added to Vodafone's 4G roaming list

Friday, December 11th 2015

The mobile provider has added Turks & Caicos and Uruguay to its number of 4G roaming destinations, which include places across the world from Albania to the USA. Vodafone has also added 28 new...

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Terrorists could bring down the UK's internet – but would probably choose the power grid instead

Wednesday, December 9th 2015

Mikko Hypponen, who has advised governments on cyber-security issues in the US, Europe and Asia, said the UK’s broadband network could be at risk from either physical or virtual attack, but such an...

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Netflix to hit 100m subscribers worldwide by 2018

Thursday, October 29th 2015

Analysis firm IHS Technology forecasts that subscriptions to the streaming giant will grow by 22% between now and 2019, with huge growth in Western Europe over the next three years. The number...

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More than a third of TV and video viewing now watched on demand

Thursday, September 3rd 2015

The Ericsson ConsumerLab TV & Media Report 2015, launched today, shows that consumers now spend six hours a week watching streamed on-demand TV series, programmes and movies. This has more than...

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Council bosses: Gigabit broadband can futureproof cities

Thursday, August 20th 2015

Martin Reeves, CEO of Coventry City Council, and Roy Grant, head of ICT at City of York Council, said ultrafast broadband is bringing benefits to both cities, from meeting manufacturing needs to...

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EU mobile roaming charges to be scrapped by June 2017

Wednesday, July 1st 2015

A deal reached yesterday means mobile users will pay the same prices for calls, texts and mobile data when travelling in the EU as they do at home. Announcing the changes, the commission said a...

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