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Scottish Government launch £50,000 campaign to fight nuisance callers

Thursday, September 14th 2017

Scottish economy secretary Keith Brown has been working in conjunction with the consumer watchdog Which? and has launched the Nuisance Calls Action Plan to tackle the problem head on. The plan was...

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Six UK regions trial full fibre broadband thanks to £200m scheme

Monday, September 4th 2017

The pilot to test new fibre to the premises (FTTP) broadband will begin in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, West Sussex, Coventry and Warwickshire, Bristol, Bath and north east Somerset, West Yorkshire...

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Can I get TalkTalk in my area?

Tuesday, February 14th 2017

TalkTalk is one of the biggest telecoms providers in the UK. It supplies broadband, TV and home phone to thousands of homes throughout the country and is well known for its low prices. So...

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Can I get fibre optic broadband in my area?

Tuesday, February 14th 2017

Fibre broadband is faster than standard broadband, offering download speeds from 38Mbps to 300Mbps. It’s not yet as widely available as standard broadband, but coverage is increasing all the time...

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Can I get cable in my area?

Tuesday, February 14th 2017

A cable connection is a fixed-line connection that delivers fast fibre optic broadband, TV and phone to your home. Cable broadband enables far faster internet connection speeds than standard...

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Thousands in Greater Manchester get access to superfast broadband

Wednesday, February 18th 2015

Green street cabinets in Wigan and Tameside have been upgraded from copper to fibre, allowing residents to access speeds of up to 80Mbps. The Get Digital Faster programme – a partnership between...

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New-build houses in Cambridgeshire have some of the slowest broadband in the country

Monday, February 16th 2015

Those living in the 300 homes on the Summers Field estate in Papworth Everard are unable to watch online video content from sites such as BBC iPlayer or YouTube or even surf the net seamlessly at...

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Broadband speeds to new-build Glasgow estate 'pathetic' say residents

Friday, December 5th 2014

Despite sitting just 10 miles from the city centre, the 150 properties on the Woodilee Village estate can only receive maximum download speeds of 2Mbps and upload speeds of around 300-400Kbps. The...

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Sixteen callouts and counting: Staffordshire man's broadband nightmare continues

Tuesday, October 28th 2014

Michael Challenor (pictured), a joiner from Lichfield, receives an average download speed of 1.2Mbps – significantly lower than Ofcom’s recommended minimum speed of 2Mbps. Mr Challenor had...

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Twelve BT engineers fail to fix Staffordshire man’s broadband

Thursday, September 25th 2014

Michael Challenor, a joiner from Lichfield, should be able to have a download speed of up to 17Mbps and was receiving around 3Mbps until April, when the speed suddenly dropped to .01Mbps. As a...

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