Internet of things needs more than 'a huge bunch of dumb devices'

Monday, November 3rd 2014

Ian Wakeman (pictured), managing director of TribeHive, said ‘dumb devices’ connecting to the internet to transmit data could do so more efficiently. The company produces an app which fans can...

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4G+ network puts UK on par with Europe

Thursday, October 30th 2014

Oliver Johnson, chief executive of market intelligence firm Point Topic, said the improvement in mobile data speeds puts the UK “up along with" other European markets. His comments come as...

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Deaf charity delighted by 'long overdue' BT voice-to-text app

Thursday, October 30th 2014

Susan Daniels, chief executive of the National Deaf Children’s Society, said advances have been made with Text Relay, a text to voice service run by BT, but there is still work to be done. The...

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Campaigners back tougher nuisance call laws

Wednesday, October 29th 2014

The government has published a six-week consultation into lowering the legal threshold before firms can be fined up to £500,000 if they are found to be responsible for nuisance calls or...

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Two thirds of anti-virus users have infected PCs

Friday, October 24th 2014

Thibaut Briere, marketing, strategy and communications director at Alcatel-Lucent, told that new solutions were needed to make home devices safer because rates of spyware and malware...

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Cloud storage vulnerable warns Ericsson VP

Wednesday, October 22nd 2014

Magnus Furustam, head of product area cloud systems, said that information governance and security are key when it comes to clouds. Speaking at the Broadband World Forum, Mr Furustam told...

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Ericsson VP: 'What 5G will bring is even more reliable networks'

Tuesday, October 21st 2014

Magnus Furustam, head of product area cloud systems at the company, said networks are undergoing "stepwise evolution" heading towards global cloud-based networks. He said at the Broadband World...

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Proposed ‘troll’ laws sound more like election strategy than serious policy

Monday, October 20th 2014

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling’s quotes on the issue refer to a “baying cybermob” spreading “venom”, a choice of language which should be saluted for its moderation and...

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Doubt cast over validity of internet addiction

Friday, October 17th 2014

Speaking to, chartered psychologist Alan Redman said new technology always brings fear of how it will affect the human brain but it will be a long time before any conclusive answers are...

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Long road ahead for Samsung's wi-fi ambitions

Wednesday, October 15th 2014

Yesterday the firm announced the development of wi-fi technology that would allow data to be transmitted at speeds of up to 4.6Gbps – five times faster than the maximum 866Mbps possible with...

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