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EE fined £2.7m by Ofcom after overcharging thousands of customers

Wednesday, January 18th 2017

Customers calling 150 while roaming within the EU were charged as if they had called the United States, costing them £1.20 per minute instead of the 19p a minute they should have paid. At least...

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Ofcom: More than a million homes still can't get decent broadband

Friday, December 16th 2016

But that still leaves 1.4m homes and offices – around 5% of properties – without access to 10Mbps, which the regulator says is the minimum required to meet a typical household’s digital...

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UK 4G network 'plagued by not spots', says infrastructure watchdog

Wednesday, December 14th 2016

The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) ranked Britain’s 4G network as 54th in the world and said the future rollout of 5G services must be handled better. It said mobile connectivity had...

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Virgin Media offers to freeze line rental charges for most vulnerable

Friday, December 2nd 2016

The company made the pledge yesterday, just hours after Ofcom announced a review into the cost of landline phone services. Virgin’s new Talk Protected plan freezes line rental at the current...

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Ofcom to review rising cost of landline phone services

Thursday, December 1st 2016

The regulator is concerned that people who only use a phone line are not getting the same value for money as those who also take broadband or a pay TV service. The price of line rental has...

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Ofcom to force through 'legal separation' of BT and Openreach

Tuesday, November 29th 2016

Openreach is the part of BT responsible for developing and maintaining the UK’s biggest broadband network, used by providers including Sky, TalkTalk, Plusnet and BT itself. In July, Ofcom set...

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Campaign calls on Ofcom to impose mobile spectrum cap

Monday, November 28th 2016

Spectrum ownership in the UK is split between the country’s four mobile network operators – EE, O2, Vodafone and Three. But campaigners say it isn’t split fairly, leaving consumers with...

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BT's G.Fast plan a 'muddled compromise', says Vodafone

Tuesday, November 22nd 2016

Vodafone said that without the government’s intervention, the UK would be reliant on the rollout of G.Fast, a hybrid technology that uses a combination of fibre cables and traditional copper...

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Broadband advertising rule change comes into effect

Monday, October 31st 2016

The change is one of a number being introduced by the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) in a bid to make broadband ads easier to understand. Adverts that include price claims will also have...

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Vodafone fined £4.6m by Ofcom for customer service failings

Wednesday, October 26th 2016

Two separate investigations by the regulator uncovered mis-selling, inaccurate billing and poor complaints handling procedures. Vodafone said it was an “unhappy episode” for the company...

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