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Virgin could have broken Ofcom rules over early termination charges

Tuesday, May 22nd 2018

The provider is accused of charging early termination fees that were too high and requiring customers moving home to either sign a new contract or pay a fee to leave. It is also thought that...

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Ofcom: Consumers could be overpaying for broadband, but most get a good deal

Thursday, May 17th 2018

Ofcom points out in its pricing trends report pricing trends report that the non-discounted price for BT’s standard (ADSL) broadband service is £42.99 a month, while the provider offers fibre...

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How to switch between BT and TalkTalk

Tuesday, May 1st 2018

You're either switching for TalkTalk to BT or BT to TalkTalk. Either way, before you set out, we've got some great advice for you to help smooth the journey. However, the packages they...

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How long does it take to install broadband?

Friday, April 20th 2018

Whether you are moving home, getting broadband installed for the first time, or switching suppliers, installation lead times can depend on many factors, including your chosen provider, whether you...

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How to switch between Sky and TalkTalk

Thursday, April 12th 2018

Are you sick of Sky or tired of TalkTalk? Switching between the two providers is relatively easy, so what are you waiting for? Here's all you need to know. TalkTalk and Sky both use the Openreach...

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How to switch to Sky from your current provider

Tuesday, April 10th 2018

So you've seen the ads, and found yourself tempted. Sky's broadband packages are excellent, and its TV services simply can't be surpassed. But how do you go about switching from your current...

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BT Broadband and Infinity fibre review 2018

Friday, April 6th 2018

BT's arguably the best-known telecoms company in the UK. But does being the biggest mean it's the best? BT reckons it does and claims to be the country's most popular broadband provider. Can it...

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How to cancel your O2 mobile contract and find a better deal

Thursday, April 5th 2018

So, the time has come to part company with O2. It was fun while it lasted but you’re moving on. If you want to keep your number, you’ll need to port it to your new provider. Porting is pretty...

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How to cancel Virgin Media and find a better deal

Thursday, April 5th 2018

How to cancel Virgin Media and find a better deal When you're signing up for a new broadband or TV package, the last thing on your mind is how you're going to get out of it. However, the...

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How to cancel Plusnet broadband and find a better deal

Thursday, April 5th 2018

Want to cancel Plusnet broadband, but worried about the stress involved? Well fear not. In most cases it's pretty easy to switch your broadband provider. As always, there are a few things to be...

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