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How to claim your free rewards, cashback and vouchers

Thursday, September 8th 2016

If you've chosen a broadband package that comes with free vouchers or cashback, you no doubt want to know how to go about claiming them as soon as possible. Well, it’s nearly always a matter...

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Providers defend Fix Britain's Internet campaign following criticism by BT

Tuesday, August 16th 2016

The three providers, along with the Federation of Communication Services, launched the campaign last month to “give Britain’s internet users a voice on the future of UK broadband”. ‘Fix...

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Ofcom plans to make it easier to switch between BT, Virgin and Sky

Friday, July 29th 2016

Changes introduced by Ofcom last year made it easier for consumers to switch between providers that use the broadband network operated by Openreach – including BT, Sky, TalkTalk and...

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Broadband providers want consumers to help 'fix Britain's internet'

Wednesday, July 27th 2016

TalkTalk, Sky, Vodafone and the Federation of Communication Services (FCS) say they want “to give Britain’s internet users a voice on the future of UK broadband”. They are encouraging...

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Ofcom: Openreach should be a 'legally separate' part of BT

Tuesday, July 26th 2016

Back in February, the telecoms regulator signalled its intent to overhaul Openreach as part of a wider review of the communications industry, but stopped short of recommending a full split from...

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Ofcom figures show EE still most complained-about broadband provider

Friday, July 8th 2016

The communications regulator received 34 complaints about EE per 100,000 customers between January and March 2016. EE has now been named the most complained-about broadband provider for each of...

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Feeling left out? A third of Brits pretend they've watched TV shows

Wednesday, June 29th 2016

A study by TalkTalk TV Store found that 42% of Brits have felt left out when people are discussing a programme they haven’t watched. In a bid to appear in the know among family and friends, 31%...

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Flash flooding causes website problems for TalkTalk customers

Wednesday, June 15th 2016

Flash flooding in the Midlands led to some customers being without parts of their TalkTalk service for several hours. The lack of service led to a number of people speculating that the provider...

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Scammers 'twice as likely' to call your landline than your best friend

Monday, June 13th 2016

A study by TalkTalk and advice service Get Safe Online found that 72% of those surveyed had received a scam call in the past month. Only 36% had a phone call from their best friend and 64% had...

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TalkTalk offers free broadband for 18 months plus free anti-virus software

Friday, May 27th 2016

From now until Thursday 30 June, TalkTalk’s Simply Broadband package, which includes unlimited 17Mbps broadband, will be free with subscribers only needing to pay for line rental (£17.70 per...

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